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Important information and guidance

Preparing for exams

• Make sure you know where and when the exam is, and how long it is
• Listen to your Tutor - he or she will give you valuable hints
• Look at previous years' papers
• Do revision well in advance, and plan how you are going to do the work
• Don't revise for too long - set targets and have breaks
• If 'open-book', make sure your notes are well organised or you will waste time searching
• Have some sleep! It is impossible to do well in an examination with no sleep the night before
• Don't work all the time - have some relaxation or you will be stale.

Student at Desk, Student sat working at a desk

Taking Exams

• Read the paper very carefully
• Stay calm, concentrate on the questions, and do not worry what others are doing
• Decide which questions you are going to do, and allocate the time in proportion to the marks
• Don't miss out a question (you will lose ALL the marks for that question). If you are running out of time, summarise the main points you wanted to make
• Make sure you really answer the question asked - not just write all you know on that topic
• Take 5 minutes at the start of each question to plan what you are going to write
• Try not to waffle
• Try to write legibly
• After the examination, don't hold massive post-mortems, put it behind you

Find out about the University of Cumbria's academic regulations, procedures and marking criteria.

Revision techniques and exam strategies

If you have an exam coming up soon and are worried about how to prepare, or how you will cope on the day, why not take a look at the link below about dealing with stress? You will gain a better understanding of how anxiety or stress can affect your academic performance and what tools you need to overcome those emotions.

Resources for exam preparation

You will also pick up tips from students on their revision techniques and exam strategies. Have a look at some of these resources:

Revision Techniques


Revision and Exams

Dealing with Stress

Health and Safety Executive - dealing with stress

Coping with exam stress

Say goodbye to academic stress

Time Management

Managing your time

Time Management resource from Learn Higher

Essay Questions

You Tube from Aston University - Essay questions which require critical thinking

Understand the Essay Question

Essay Structure Diagram

ManagingExams, 'Managing Exams' text on a purple rectangle General resources

Learn Higher - 

Leechblock - helps you avoid online distractions  

How to Study

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