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What is critical writing?

As a writer you can engage with your topic in two different ways. If you adopt a descriptive writing approach, you are providing information about the topic or subject you are writing about. Whilst this type of writing is needed to provide all the background information for your research, you also need to include come critical (or analytical) writing to make sure that you show additional skills. Critical writing is not necessarily writing about the topic in a negative way; it is simply making sure that you have considered all sides of the argument. For example, in your reading you are likely to discover different authors with different views. It is your job as a critical writer to consider all of these views in your essay to show your awareness of all the issues associated with your topic.

Click on the link for more information on critical and descriptive writing and for examples of critical writing.

The following link will direct you to the library catalogue where you can search for books and eresources on critical thinking: library catalogue.

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