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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated return to campus and pre-book your on-campus COVID test

A limited number of library laptop loans are available to students. Desktop PCs are also available for use in the libraries. 

Thinking of buying your own computer?  Discounted access to refurbished laptops or desktops is now available for all students - please see the section for this on the IT Facilities page for further details. 


If you are borrowing a laptop from the library, please note:

The laptop will have a fully charged battery but no power cable. You can use it until the battery dies.

When the battery level is getting low

  1. A message appears telling you the percentage of battery remaining, save your work to your OneDrive or to a memory stick (don't forget to take your memory stick with you).
  2. You must log off and shut the laptop down.
  3. Never just wait for the battery to die and the laptop to stop.

When you've finished with the laptop please Log Off and return the laptop to the issuing location.

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