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International students need to take note of the sections below as well as generic information which applies to all students (Clicking on the links will jump you to that section on this page or you can scroll down to read it all).

All International Students

International Students on a Student Visa Route


All International Students

Applying to study at the University of Cumbria

Information on applying to study at the University can be found on the International Office pages.

Pre-registration (before you arrive) information

Once you have applied to the University of Cumbria and confirmed your place with our Admissions department you will be sent an e-mail informing you how to pre-register.

Pre-arrival information can be found on our welcome pages.

All students (UK and International) are required to complete online pre-registration. You will be sent an email no earlier than three weeks before your start date asking you to pre-register online. This email will contain a link to the form and your username and password.

Those studying on a Student Visa will be asked to provide passport and visa information during this process.

Please complete the pre-registration process as soon as you are able.

You will be able to exit and return to the same point of the process. If you do not know some of the information, such as your term time address, you can login again and return to the same section of the process to update this later.

Admissions will contact you separately if you have any outstanding admissions requirements. This will not prevent you from completing pre-registration, but you will need to provide this information before you are fully registered. Please print off the confirmation page or email to bring with you to your registration session when you arrive at the University.

If you do not complete your pre-registration before your start date there will be delays to your funding (student loan, bursary, etc if applicable) and you will not be able to access IT accounts and learning resources such as Blackboard straight away.

Full-time students and international students will also be required to attend a registration session in person. You will be sent details of this separately.

If you are blind or partially sighted or have special needs the University will provide support to help you to register. Please contact us via your local Programme Administration Office to arrange this.

Registration of International Students (when you are continuing into a second academic year of study)

All continuing students will be required to register on an annual basis prior to the start of the next Academic Year. This ensures that we hold your correct details and maintain accurate data for statutory reporting purposes.

Further information on registration can be found here.

If you are a student on a Student Visa Route you will also be required to comply with the additional requirements for registration as detailed here.

Module registration

If you are studying on a standard full-time or part-time course the modules you take, or any module choices you may have, will be same as for any other student registered on that course.

If you are studying under an Erasmus, Study Abroad or Exchange programme and are able to choose from a selection of modules. Information on your choices will be provided for you during your application process.

Further information on modules and how you register is provided here.

Teaching and learning

We are aware that studying at a new university may be different to your previous experiences. As part of your induction, some of these differences will be covered and you will be signposted to support and information available to help you to adjust to learning and teaching methods, systems and processes used in the UK.

Students’ Union

The Students’ Union will also be able to provide information about living and travelling within the UK.

The Students’ Union run an international ‘buddy’ scheme, where international students are linked up with a current student before they arrive. This enables you to ask any questions from a current student at the campus you will be attending. Your buddy will do their best to help you with advice and information. You will then meet them in person when you arrive and be shown around the campus and local area.

All students, regardless of the campus they are at, have access to and are members of the Students’ Union. There is also an International Students Representative to make sure that your views and comments, as international students, are recognised.

There are many different clubs, activities and sports teams run by the Students’ Union which you are welcome to join. Please do not hesitate to call in to the SU if there is anything you need help with either about living in the UK, studying at the University or sports and social activities.

Students’ Union website

How do I request letters I need to support my study?

As an International student, Programme Administration can provide you with letters to support you whilst you study.  If you require any of the following, please complete this form which will be sent to the Programme Administration Team to process. 

  • Confirmation of Status Letter
  • Bank Letter
  • Employment during term time
  • Employment outside of term time
  • Council Tax Exemption

Once the form is processed, the Programme Administration Team will contact you when the letter(s) is ready for collection, or if they need more information before they can assist you.

Staff within the Library are also able to provide advice and support across a range of areas from academic skills and learning resources to managing your money and your health and wellbeing.


International Students on a Student Visa Route

Student Visas for all international students including EEA (European Economic Area)

The UK Home Office is responsible for securing the UK border, controlling migration in the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations.

'Student Visa' is a part of the points-based system for immigration and is suitable for adult migrants who want to study in the UK for more than 6 months. Student Visa replaced Tier 4 visa in October 2020. This visa applies for all international students and EEA (The European Economic Area) nationals who do not have UK residency rights under the EU Settled Scheme. Swiss nationals are normally considered within the regulations relating to citizens of The European Economic Area.

Under The Immigration Act 1971, The University of Cumbria is legally bound to comply with the Home Office in respect of our students on Tier 4/Student Visas. We are known as a 'Student Visa Sponsor'.

As your Student Visa Sponsor we must maintain up-to-date records in the following areas:

  • A copy of the all the data pages in your passport, including immigration stamps
  • A copy of your current UK visa, if applicable
  • A copy of your Student Visa vignette
  • A copy of your Biometric Residence Permit
  • All contact details in the UK
  • A record of registration for each year of your course
  • A record of your attendance on course

Additional registration requirements for students on a Student Visa

You will be asked to attend a registration session in person on the first day of the course so that we can check your identity.

You will need to bring with you:

  • Your passport
  • Your Student Visa
  • Original qualification certificates (new students only)

We then check these details against the information you provided online and take photocopies of them. Copies of your documents are kept on your student file.

You will also be asked to sign a declaration confirming your understanding of your responsibilities as a Student Visa student in relation to:

  • Keeping your contact details up-to-date
  • Compliance with attendance and absence reporting.

Once you have fully completed all elements of pre-registration, including your admissions clearances, and have attended a registration event you will receive a Confirmation of Registration letter via email. This document can be used to verify your status as a student at the University of Cumbria.

If you are a new full-time student who is eligible for Council Tax Exemption you will also receive a Council Tax Exemption Certificate by email which is valid for the duration of your course.

Your attendance

As your Student Visa sponsor, the University of Cumbria is responsible for checking your regular and continuous attendance on our course and for reporting to the Home Office any unexplained absence.

We will be checking for example:

  • Attendance at lectures, seminars and PAT (Personal Academic Tutor) meetings
  • Assignment submission and module completion
  • Exam attendance
  • Requests to attend other agreed meetings.

Your non-attendance

Any unreported or unexplained absence will be recorded, and if continued, will be subject to the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure, ultimately leading to deregistration from the university and our report to the Home Office that we have withdrawn our sponsorship for your study.

Student Visa Attendance Policy

View the University’s Academic Engagement Policy.

Changes during your course

If you are studying on a Student Visa and wish to make a change to your course of study, you must ensure that any changes comply with the conditions of your visa in terms of the length of your study. You will need to seek advice both from the university and also from the Home Office prior to making any changes to your course. Please contact your local Programme Administration Office who will be able to arrange for you to speak to a specialist person within the university about this.

Visa extensions

Your Student Visa will have been issued to cover the expected duration of your course and anticipates that you will complete the course and graduate within this period.

If you have any reassessments during your course it is possible, however, that your visa may expire before you complete these. We will normally support your application for a Student visa extension and continue our sponsorship if your completion remains possible over an extended period and is within the university’s Academic Regulations. Your responsibilities to attend your course, to report any absence and to advise us of changes to your contact details still apply.

Please note: if attendance on your course is not required for your reassessment (e.g. dissertation) then we will be unable to support a visa extension application.

You are asked to contact the Programme Administration Office as soon as you have any concern about your visa expiry date and certainly no later than 6 weeks before its expiry date.

IMPORTANT - Changing Course:

If you are moving from one course to another in the UK and your current Student Visa expires less than one month before the start of your new course, you will be expected to return home and make a new Student Visa entry clearance application from your home country.

How to renew your visa from in the UK

If you wish to apply for a Student Visa extension, you will require a CAS number (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies) from the university and confirmation that you are a registered student who is eligible to continue on your current course of study. Our International Office will arrange an advisory meeting with you on receipt of the visa extension form.

You can apply to renew your visa online and provide your biometrics/documents at the accredited visa centre. Please visit the official Home Office website for further information.

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