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Ethical expectations and considerations  

Research projects at the university cover a diverse and wide ranging list of topics and themes and it is important to recognise that, whatever the research topic, there will be issues that relate to ethical practices. At the University of Cumbria ethical approval for research conducted as part of a taught programme (at both undergraduate and postgraduate level) should be sought through module tutors and/or the relevant departmental procedures.

For any queries in relation to ethics in your assignments please contact your module/ programme leader, further information is available on the research area of the website:   

Land based courses 

In relation to land based courses please keep in mind the following: 

Protocol when accessing private land (including where there is an established Right of Way over the land): 

  • Find out who the land owner is and ask permission.
  • Get the permission in writing and carry a copy with you in case you are approached by the manager (who is not necessarily the owner) or a member of the public.
  • You may find the landowner is not happy for you to remove items from their land, this may limit what you would like to do.
  • You also need to ensure you have their permission to identify the site in your work.
  • You will need to carry out a risk assessment and may have to send this to the landowner before they allow you access.

Guidelines and forms

See the Research Support page for access to all research guidelines, forms, consents and participant information sheets.

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