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We want our library spaces to feel inclusive, welcoming and considerate of all members of our university community. To this end, we ask our users to observe the following:

• You may bring hot and cold drinks into the library if they are covered

• You may bring snacks and cold food into the library but not hot food

• Please put used food and drink containers into the recycling or waste or bins provided

• Please do not bring alcohol into the library, study areas or rooms

• You may smoke or vape only in the designated areas outside our university buildings

• Please keep your mobile on silent when you are in the library. If you need to take a call, go to the stairwell or outside the library

• If you are working in a silent study area, please remember to stay silent

• Library users are welcome to make a short visit to the library accompanied by their children under the age of 16 for the purposes of making an enquiry, borrowing/dropping off a book, or similar task. Parents and carers must keep continual and close supervision of their child (the child should be at their side throughout the visit.)

• Personal belongings should not be left unattended



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