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Library room booking system,

Our libraries provide a variety of study rooms and spaces for you to make use of when you need to work on assignments.  You can either book or drop in to find one suitable for your needs. 

Study Room and PODS Booking System

Students can book a range of study rooms online using our Booking System.

Click the 'BOOK NOW' button on the Booking System landing page and then choose your campus space. Details of rooms can be found on the booking system link. NB: Brampton Road students can book rooms at the Fusehill Street Library and Learning Gateway.

Using study rooms without booking

If there is no-one using a room when you arrive please log in to check the availability. If it is free you can make a booking there and then so that you can use the room. If you are using a room that you have not booked, please leave when the person who has booked it arrives. If a study room is not occupied by the person who has booked it within 15 minutes of the start of the booking then the room can be used by someone else.

Accessible study room

Our first accessible study room is available at Lancaster library. The room includes: an adjustable height desk with ergonomic chair; a double-screen PC with accessible software and adjustable desk lighting; variable LED lighting and a sensory projector, both with remote controls to change colours, brightness and lighting effects; a desktop book stand and perspex writing slope; a yoga mat, balance cushion and fidget toys; a soft seat for breakout and relaxation; adjustable blinds to filter natural light.  

Accessible Study Room, Picture of the Accessible Study Room with led and laser lighting, PC with adjustable height desk and ergonomic chair, soft chair and yoga mat

PODS - Pre-recorded and Online Delivery Studios

Self-contained studio space which allows the following uses: recording of video/audio and content to save for later distribution; hosting of live online events; participating in online live events.

We recommend you bring headphones / headset to ensure you hear participants and your sessions remain private.

Find out more  and book.  

Other Study Areas

Each library has a range of study areas to suit all needs.  We want our library spaces to feel inclusive, welcoming and considerate of all members of our university community. To this end, we ask our users to observe our library etiquette. Our libraries offer a range of PCs and loanable laptops, or you can bring your own. 

Quiet study

Libraries provide, where possible, spaces for you to work individually or quietly in pairs.

Silent study

Our libraries provide, where possible, individual spaces for you to study in silence.  

Group study 

If you need to work as a group look out for our group study areas, available on some campuses, or book a study room. 

Social learning spaces

In some campus libraries, you’ll find spaces that are set up for "social learning". You can eat and drink while you work, talk to each other and it’s OK if you make some noise.

These spaces often have sofas and more relaxed furnishings. Social learning spaces are also available elsewhere on some campuses. 





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