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My funding is delayed. What can I do?

There can be many reasons why student funding can be delayed. In most cases it is only a relatively short delay and payments are made within a few weeks.  In the first instance we would always advise students to contact their funding provider to try and find out what is causing the delay. This can be done either by phoning them or in some cases you can check the progress of your application via the online portal through which you submitted your personal details to the funding body.

Some of the common queries which can delay funding are:

  • Did you complete all the application forms requested by your funding provider and submit them before the deadline?
  • Did you provide details of your household income – which could be either the income of your parents or partner depending on your circumstances?
  • Are there any outstanding queries rais ed by your funding provider (such as around childcare costs, changes to your personal circumstances etc) to which you have not yet/only recently replied?
  • If this is your second (or later) year, or if you are returning from a period of intercalation, did you re-apply for your funding before Summer?
  • Did you sign up to your course late in the application process (i.e. through clearing)?
  • Are you waiting for information from your parents/partner/employer which has been requested by your funding body (such as proof of parental income, proof of income for self-employed partner etc)?

It is important that if you think that any of the above do apply to you that you contact your funding provider and supply the information as soon as possible.

If you have been accepted as a new student through Clearing it is likely that there will be a delay as your application for funding has to be transferred from your original first choice University and Course to the University of Cumbria and relevant course.

In complex cases it could also significantly speed up the process if you have already set up consent to share which will allow the Student Money Adviser to speak directly to your funding provider on your behalf.

If you are really struggling and have maximised your student overdraft and cannot access financial support from your family then you may be eligible for an Emergency Loan from the Hardship Fund, which is a loan of no more than £300 (£500 for students with children) made by the University to those whose delay in funding is causing hardship and who are unable to further extend their student overdraft.


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