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How do I apply for a bursary?

Unless you are a part time student you don’t apply for bursaries, we award them based on the details you submitted to the funding body as part of your application for student funding.

Full time students don’t need to complete a separate bursary application.  We draw a list of those eligible based on the information provided to funding providers (i.e. Student Finance England) so to ensure you are going to be considered for a bursary you must have applied for means tested funding (which means including submitting details of your household income) from your funding organisation e.g. Student Finance England (SFE).

Assessment of your funding application must be completed before the end of September as we draw up a shortlist in early October.  You must also have given your funding organisation consent to share information with your Higher Education Institution.

Please see our website for more details including eligibility criteria and prioritisation details.


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