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I need to set up 'consent to share' for someone to speak to my funding provider on my behalf

This is easy to do although the process does differ slightly depending on the funding provider.
Student Finance England: To set up consent to share you will need to ring Student Finance England (or your funding provider, if different) and say you want to set up 'University consent to share'.

They will need the staff job title (Student Money Adviser) and the institutional address, which will be one of the following depending on where the Advisor who is dealing with your case is based: 

University of Cumbria Lancaster Campus, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3JD 
University of Cumbria Fusehill Street Campus, Fusehill Street, Carlisle, CA1 2HH 
University of Cumbria Brampton Road Campus, Brampton Road, Carlisle, CA3 9AY 
University of Cumbria Ambleside Campus, Rydal Road, Ambleside, LA22 9BB

They will also need a new consent to share password which must be different from the password you have used to create any existing accounts with the funding provider. Please ensure you make a note of the password and pass it onto the Student Money Adviser who is dealing with your case along with you Customer Reference Number as they will need both when we ring Student Finance England on your behalf.

Student Finance England do not need a date of birth, if they ask for this explain they only need a date of birth for family consent and, as this is University consent, your Student Money Adviser has advised you that Student Finance England does not need it – this is to ensure that the right kind of consent has been set up.

NHSBSA – You do not need to set up consent to share to enable your Student Money Adviser to speak to NHSBSA, we are able to prove our entitlement to speak on our students’ behalf via an internal verification process. We will of course only contact NHSBSA on your behalf if you have expressly given us prior approval to do so.

Disabled Student Allowance: A Student Money Adviser will only be able to speak to your funding body in relation to Disabled Student Allowance if you ticked the appropriate box on your application form granting consent.


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