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These publications are all available to buy direct from the University. Please email for details of how to purchase. 

Cumbrian Alchemy

by RobCumbrianAlchemyCover14149x178, Cumbrian Alchemy Cover ert Williams and Bryan McGovern Wilson 
Cumbrian Alchemy is an ambitious contemporary art project hosted by the University of Cumbria and supported by Arts Council England.
It brings together New York artist Bryan McGovern Wilson and University of Cumbria professor of fine art Robert Williams in a collaborative enquiry that explores the significant relationships between the nuclear, mining and renewables industries of the north-west Energy Coast, with the landscape, archaeology and folklore of North Lancashire and Cumbria.

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. Softback. ISBN 9781869979393. Price £22.79 (inc p&p/UK only) Amazon link

A Cumbrian Connection: Jack Seabury Works 1956 to 1985

Jack Seabury taught at Carlisle College of Art, as it waSeabury, Seaburys then, for almost thirty years. He was born John Fisher in 1922 but was immediately adopted and took the name Seabury. Jack remained secretive about his work and rarely exhibited. Many of the pictures reproduced in the book have not been shown to the public before

Publisher: Cumbria Publishing. Softback. ISBN 9781869979119. Price £10.80 (inc p&p/UK only) Amazon link.

Words & Pictures: explaining science through art & writing

"Words & PicturWordsPictures, Works and Pictures book es" is a record of a two day international conference, hosted by Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Spring 2003, which brought together specialists in the arts and sciences to debate and discuss similarities and differences in theory and practice. Delegates included novelists, painters, curators, sculptors, surgeons, university lecturers, illustrators, designers and poets. This book is a delightful visual record of the wonderful presentations by key speakers, debates at the question and answer sessions, plus images of speakers and participants' artwork. The event was accompanied by an exhibition of art inspired by science, which is also featured in this publication. An ideal companion for any artist, scientist or student.

Publisher: Cumbria Publishing. Softback. ISBN 9781869979133. Price £14.80 (inc p&p/UK only) Amazon link.

A Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire

Last printed in 1821 this book of the original text by Thomas West, aquatints by J. Smith and J. Emes and addenda features an essay by Dr Mark Haywood and images by Dr John Darwell of the Faculty of the Arts together with images by Niki Thomas, edited by Gerard M F Hill. LakesWest, West Lakes

Unspoilt. Unvisited. Until Thomas West wrote his guidebook, the Lake District was unknown and unloved. No poets came, no tourists toured and the average nymph or shepherd saw nothing worth a second look. Yet before Wordsworth was even born, one man was showing people the beauty of this wilderness – through a camera, too.

Thomas West was a scholar who loved the Lakes and made the world see what he saw. In this new edition of his guidebook, photographs match the original views and the ‘viewing stations’. West sketches the scene and highlights the special features, ‘ verified by his own repeated observations’ – a scholarly introduction and notes fill in the background.

Why visit the Lakes? What will you see that the camera doesn’t? Suitable for ‘the curious of all ranks’, this is the guidebook that began it all. Use it to look at the Lakes with fresh eyes.

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. Softback. ISBN 978 1 8699 7925 6. Price £22.80 (inc p&p / UK only). Amazon link

‘A Passion for Painting Pattern . . . the textile designs of Raymond Honeyman’, by Raymond Honeyman

This is a book which takes you on a journey through the life, inspiration and the design techniques of the artist, beautifully portrayed through a series of painted designs and photographs.
Honeyman, Honeyman
Raymond Honeyman’s innate love of painting, colour and pattern led to a career in designing textiles and he has been one of the leading designers for Ehrman Tapestries for the last decade.

“Raymond Honeyman’s preoccupation with hand painted pattern stands out as a testament to the enduring significance of meticulous craft-based skill. A designer of printed textiles, and also over the past decade focussing on the design of needlepoint kits, Honeyman’s refusal to surrender to computer-aided design coincides with a global resurgence of interest in artisan values. This book shows his original artworks and offers an insight into the mind of a master colourist. From paisley to tartan, the Mikado to Ming, his playful use of design and sophisticated blending of colour bring familiar images into unusual juxtaposition. Pushing the boundaries, his meticulous detail produces a depth and richness in pattern with a resulting complexity that puts his work in a category of its own.

Anyone who appreciates colour and seeks inspiration in its manipulation will enjoy this book.” Mary Schoeser, 2007

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. 2007. Softback. ISBN978-1869979232. 108 pages. 21.8 x 21.8 x 1 cm. Price £12.80 (inc p+p / UK only).
Amazon link

'Sequences: The Call of the Running Tide', by Roger Polley and John Woodman

The content of the book ‘Sequences’ further extends the authors investigation in landscape and environmental arts research. The book presents through public distribution a body of photographic work which is a visual investigation of the concept of seSequencesPolleyWoodman, Sequences Polley Woodmanquence.

This work completes a study undertaken over a period of several years working with photographic medium to instigate a series of controlled visual experiments in which to investigate ‘sequence’ through the ‘constructed’ photographic image. It explores photographic representation and photography’s intrinsic quality as a time based medium. One of the intended outcomes of the work is to engage and challenge the reader in the observation of change and difference, both within and between the sets of photographs and through experimentation with the book format. Contrasting beach surfaces along the Dorset Coastline were selected for the work.

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. 2007. Softback. ISBN 978-1-869979-20-1. 56 pages. 21 x 14.8 cm. Price £11.99 (inc p+p / UK only). Amazon link

'Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae', by Robert Williams and Jack Aylward-Williams

This is a collaborative art proWilliams, Williamsject between Jack Aylward-Williams and his father, the artist Robert Williams. The first collecting phase of the project took place within Lancaster's historically significant Williamson Park, a setting that contains a wide range of collecting contexts that reflect 19th century obsessions within science & culture. In celebration of the bicentenary of eminent Victorian scientist Sir Richard Owen, the two explorers engaged in the activities of observing, collecting, measuring, sampling & testing, between July 20th 2004 and July 20th 2005.

Publisher: UniPress Cumbria. 2006. Softback. ISBN 1-869979-19-2 112 pages. 120 colour images. 210mm x 245mm. Price £17.80 (inc p+p / UK only). Amazon link

Haywood, Haywood 'The Wide Blue Wonder', by Mark Haywood

 Two essays on the colour blue - a history of its use and meaning from mediaeval stained glass to Komar and Melamid; historical and metaphysical links between John Ruskin’s fondness for the colour and the record-breaking Bluebirds of Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell. Published to mark the artist’s site-specific installation at Brantwood, Coniston. 

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. 2005. Softback. ISBN 1-869979-17-6. 28 pages. 200mm x 220mm. Price £7.80 (inc p+p/UK only). Amazon link


Ruskin’s Pond – John Woodman

The act of viewing a series of photographs is an important aspect of Woodman’s work and these sequences of images are presented as representations which depict visual difference and transformation – a contemplation on light and the passing of time. They enable the reader to share Woodman’s delight in the ever changing colours, patterns and gradients of light playing on water.
A new edition of John Ruskin’s Of Truth of Water (from Modern Painters) with specially commissioned introductory essays by Heather Birchall, Howard Hull and Mark Haywood, has been published to accompany Ruskin’s Pond. Each book has been designed as a separate but related publication and can be purchased either individually or together.

RuskinsPond, Ruskins Pond Book Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. Hardback. ISBN 9781869979324 Price £22.75 (inc p&p/ UK only). Amazon link


Of Truth of Water – John Ruskin, Editor John Woodman

John Woodman, editor of Of Truth of Water, has produced the book Ruskin’s Pond to accompany this publication. It is a photographic study taken over a period of a year on the pond in Ruskin Park, Denmark Hill, London. It was while living at Denmark Hill that John Ruskin wrote the early volumes of Modern Painters which included the chapters titled ‘Of Truth of Water’.

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. Hardback. ISBN 9781869979317 Price £22.75 (inc p&p/ UK only). Amazon link.

Memory’s Images – Patti Lean and Kevin Philips

MemorysImages, Memory's Images Questioning memory is central to this work and this notion, and has led to unexpected outcomes, sometimes easy to explain, sometimes obscure and veiled. The research underpinning ‘Memory’s Images’ is focused on the exploration of early memories, landscape, family, stories, industry, politics and friendships in an attempt to make sense of and deepen my understanding of the environment that nurtured them and contains essays from Chad McCail (Artist), David Imrie (Course Leader MA Community Arts), Patti Lean and Mick Davies (Artist & Writer)

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. Softback. ISBN 9781869979294 Price £12.80 (inc p&p/ UK only). Amazon link

Tension of a line: A Portrait of Perth Prison by Martin Fowler

Fowler presents a series of drawing and paintings which were created over a period of two years within the maximum security prison at Perth in Scotland. The drawings and paintings depict the prisons interior spaces, such as the cell blocks used by the life sentence prisoners and the prison infPerth Prison, Perth Prison irmary. Whilst also documenting the exterior spaces of the jail, its central courtyard, exercise yards, cell blocks and the graves of the hanged. The series of work also contains portraits of the prisoners and discipline staff who worked specifically in the prisons Learning Centre. The opportunity to create the work arose from the authors role as an Art Teacher for 7 years within the prison. This experience enabled unprecedented access to all areas of the prison and an opportunity to record through observational drawing and painting, a unique portrait of the prison.

Publisher: Unipress Cumbria. Softback. ISBN 9781869979300 Price £12.80 (inc p&p/ UK only). Amazon link.