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You spoke and we listened: OneSearch has been upgraded to a version which provides a more simplified interface and a better user experience.

The classic version remains available for continuing students.

OneSearch enables you to access the library’s books, journals and other physical and online material from one easy to use interface. You can also use the My Account facility in OneSearch to reserve and renew your library books and to create favourites in your e-shelf.


Introducing the new OneSearch

Search Hints 

Phrase Searching - Use quotation marks to search terms as a phrase. Quotation marks tell OneSearch that you’re looking for the exact words you entered, in the exact order you entered them in. For example, “academic skills” will only retrieve results with this exact phrase, eliminating many irrelevant hits. Phrase searching can be especially helpful when looking for a proper title or name (e.g., "cite them right"). 

Truncation - OneSearch uses the asterisk (i.e., *) as the truncation. It retrieves all results that begin with the same root. For example, learn* will retrieve learn, learns, learning, learned, etc. 

Boolean Operators (i.e., AND, OR, NOT) - OneSearch assumes that you are searching for all the words you type unless OR or NOT are specified between the words and phrases. Be sure to use ALL CAPS when typing Boolean operators in OneSearch. 

AND - retrieves results that have all the specified terms. So a search for reflective AND practice will only retrieve results that have reflective and practice in the results. It is a useful way to narrow your search.  

OR - retrieves results with at least one of the search terms. So a search for student OR learner will retrieve results that include either the term student or the term learner or both .  It is a useful way to search for related terms or synonyms.

NOT - excludes any search results includes the specified term. It is most useful to use NOT when trying to eliminate irrelevant results.  For example, if you’re pulling up a lot of results about primary schools when looking for articles about primary healthcare, you might search for primary NOT schools. 


Further Support

Occasionally access to online content can be problematic, our Eresources Help is ready to assist.