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There are combined printing and photocopying machines at all University of Cumbria campuses. 

The devices provide high quality, high volume, rapid printing, photocopying, and scanning facilities. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved confidentiality – only print when you are at the printer.
  • Freedom to collect your documents at a time that suits you
  • Reduction in wasted printing as incorrect versions can be deleted before printing at no cost to users

Each printer is set to duplex, black and white A4 print as standard but this can be amended to print in colour and on specific machines A3.

Print prices are as follows (per page – duplex is charged as 2 pages):

  B&W Colour
A4 5p 20p
A3 10p 40p

You can also print documents from A4 up to A1 (poster size) and access a range of other services at our Print Unit.

All printing sent to the new devices is ‘pull printing’ – documents are only printed when you verify your details at the printer using your Cumbria card and select the job in your print queue that you want to print. 

Unwanted jobs can be deleted from the print queue at no cost - only documents which are printed are paid for. You can also use the devices to photocopy or scan, rather than print. Photocopying is charged at the same price as printing, and scanning is free.

New students

You’ll start with a £1 credit on your Cumbria Card, for your printing account. After you’ve used that credit, please use the online payments system to add to your printing account using a debit or credit card.

Want to check your credit balance?

  1. Log on to a university computer.
  2. Hover, with your mouse, over the black £ icon on the bottom right side of the screen. A pop-up box appears, displaying your credit balance.

At Brampton Road: the icon is on the top right of the screen.

Print Unit

We also have an on-site Print Unit at the Lancaster campus to provide a full range of printing, copying and finishing work.

Printing from devices other than University computers

Use the EveryonePrint service to send documents from your home computer, smartphone or tablet to University printers.

Associating your Cumbria Card

You will need to associate your card the first time you use one of the printers. This can be done using the integrated card reader on any of the machines. 

As soon as you swipe your card you will be prompted to type your username and password – the one you use to log into your PC. As soon as this has been done you will be able to print or photocopy from any device.

You will be able to apply for a refund of the balance on your printing account at the end of your course. Froms are available via the link below.

Find out more about using your Cumbria Card

Information and guides

Quick reference guide - how to use the new devices for the first time

Floor plan - Carlisle

Floor plan - Lancaster

Floor plan - Ambleside

Training Guide –  full information on use of the devices

Print Queue – how it works

Understanding copyright

It is essential that you understand how copyright laws affect copying and printing. Check the notices displayed next to the photocopier. It explains what material may legally be copied under the Library's licence and which works are excluded. If you have any doubts, please ask a member of the LiSS staff at any library desk for further information.

As a borrower, you are personally responsible for complying with the copyright regulations governing the use of the library photocopier and interlibrary loans.

LiSS (Library and Student Services) does not accept responsibility if any user has action taken against them by the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) for breach of copyright.

More information about copyright