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The Data Protection Act (1998) ensures that organisations who handle information about individuals do so in a responsible manner. It gives individuals certain rights, such as the right to request a copy of all data held about them or the right to object to the way their personal data is being used. 

Information collected by the University of Cumbria either from yourself during pre-registration or registration or when you update your personal details in ICON or obtained from others (such as UCAS or the GTTR, during the application process) is processed, analysed and stored both in electronic and paper format for various administrative, academic, statistical and Health & Safety reasons. This enables us to carry out our administrative and statutory functions. All this information is held and managed in compliance with the Data Protection Act. The Act also sets out guidelines on the way data should be handled.

For more information on the data we collect and how to request a copy of the information we hold on your can be found in our Data Protection section.

Further information on the Data Protection Act (1998) is available here.

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