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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated return to campus 2021

Access to news and newspaper articles can be found in the following ways

 news 200x141, Stack News papers

1. Newspaper search on Onesearch

2. UK news via Lexis Library

3. Google News and other news "portals"- to both newspapers and TV sources


1. Newspaper Search in Onesearch

In Onesearch click on the Newspaper Search on the top menu bar.

This provides access to some 600 news titles from around the world, both national and regional titles and newswires. To find relevant articles try either

  • All newspapers search. Enter your search terms in the search box to search all newspapers. Filter your results with the right hand options eg date, subject, language or title

  • Featured Newspapers. Tailor your search using groups of featured newspapers eg UK Nationals, UK Regionals, Europe, USA and Canada, Rest of the World

The benefits of using our Newspaper Search is you can search the newspapers all at once, coverage in some cases goes back several decades, and you can use filters to narrow down your results effectively.

NB: for some newspapers we do not have the most up to date issues. You can check our coverage by looking for a title in out Journals A-Z from Onesearch.

2. Lexis Library News

You can also search for UK national and regional news via our eresource Lexis Library. Once in Lexis Library look for the news menu tab. This will take you to another Lexis website and an easy to use search box. It contains for example very recent copies of the TES (Times Educational Supplement)


3. Google News and other news portals

  • Google News  - search across a variety of news sources, both TV and newspapers, from the UK and around the globe. Includes newsfeeds of breaking news. Google algorithms govern which news stories to display. It is also geared up to provide news from the last 12 months, not as a historical archive.  NB Some full text access will require a subscription.

  • The big project world wide news is a free site that provides links to online versions of UK and international newspapers, either published or available in English. In addition it provides links to TV news websites around the world.




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