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Advice and guidance for staff and students

The University of Cumbria is committed to providing an environment that, wherever possible, is healthy, safe and considerate of the welfare of the children, young people and vulnerable adults who access its services and facilities.

Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedure outlines the approaches implemented along with other internal policies, procedures and protocols which are in place to achieve this.

The policy and procedure make reference to child protection, safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults and is relevant to all staff and students.

A range of other information is available for students or staff who would like advice.

  • A quick reference guide on what to do if someone tells you they are concerned about a child, young person or vulnerable adult
  • More detailed information in sections 3, 4 and 5 of the Safeguarding Procedure.

Contact a member of staff

If you have a concern you can speak to one of the university's trained Safeguarding Officers.

Lead Safeguarding Officer (Strategic)

Brian Webster-Henderson, DVC Health, Environment and Innovation 

Lead Safeguarding Officer (Operational)

Honor Rhodes, Head of Student Support, Student & Staff Services
Contact:  01524 590811 or 07980731954

Principal Safeguarding Officers (PSOs) and Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs):

Julie Palmer Student Money & Careers Advisor
Role: DSO Student and Staff Services

Steph Evans Principal Lecturer (Learning, Teaching and Student Experience)
Role: PSO, Institute of Education
Contact: 01524 385444

Jayne Metcalfe Senior Lecturer (Institute of Education)
Role: DSO, Deanery
Contact: 01524 384483

Kelly Powell Education Programmes Leader
Role: DSO, Deanery
Contact: 01524 384361

Don Hall Senior Lecturer (Institute of Education)
Role: PSO, Deanery
Contact: 0207 517 4801

The names of Safeguarding Officers may be added periodically. 

Contact can be made with any of the Safeguarding Officers listed above.

If you are unable to speak to any of the above, or you feel there is an urgency with a concern, or in emergency circumstances, you should not hesitate to contact the Police, Social Services or Children’s Services. Please update the Lead Operational Safeguarding Officer if you do contact any of these external agencies as soon as possible afterwards.   

List current at September 2020   


Safeguarding Annual Report:

Contact an external organisation

If you have a child protection concern, or feel that a young person or vulnerable adult may be at significant risk and you can't speak to a Safeguarding Officer you can contact either the Cumbria or Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board. 

These Boards also provide a range of useful information. See below for links to these Boards. Additionally, you can contact Children’s Service (child protection concerns regarding children under 18) or Social Services (vulnerable adults) or even the Police if you have an immediate concern.

If the concern you are reporting relates to a person associated with the University, please contact the Lead Safeguarding Officer at the earliest opportunity.

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