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  • Graduation Day Information Booklet

    The Graduation information booklet will be available below one month before your ceremony.


    You should download a copy and read the information carefully so that you know what to expect on the day.

    Please bring a copy with you on the day.


  • Your Guide to Graduation

    Use your Guide to Graduation below as a handy checklist to make sure you have completed all important steps ahead of your graduation ceremony.

    Click on the image below and follow the links on each tile for further information.

    Graduation Guide July 2024 homepage,

  • Schedule for the day

    Please find schedule for the day below:



    Collect guest tickets and gown

    Fratry 7:30 - 8:45  9:45 - 10:45 12:00 -13:45


    Pre-paid and access difficulties


    Crown and Mitre Hotel

    Pre-paid and access difficulties: Edwardian Room (via stairs and lift)

    Bookings on day: Supper Room (lower ground floor)


    Until 17:30 Until 17:30 Until 17:30

    Postgraduate Study Stand

    Crown and Mitre Hotel

    Main Foyer

    Until 17:15 Until 17:15 Until 17:15

    UCSU stand

    Crown and Mitre Hotel

    Ballroom Foyer

    Until 17:15 Until 17:15 Until 17:15

    Graduand lining-up

    Fratry 9:00 11:00 14:00

    Guest seating (ticket holders only)

    Carlisle Cathedral 9:00 - 9:30 11:10 -11:30 14:00 -14:30
    Live video link (ticket holders only) Lecture Theatre, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery 9:00 - 9:45 11:10 -11:45 14:00 -14:45


    Carlisle Cathedral 10:00 12:00 15:00
    Celebratory Reception

    Crown and Mitre Hotel


    11:15 -12.15 13:15 -14.15 16:15 -17.15
    Return Gown

    Crown and Mitre Hotel

    Drawing Room

    11:00 -17:45 13:00 - 17:45 16:00 - 17:45


    IMPORTANT: Please familiarise yourself with these timings especially if you are travelling a long distance. You are advised to arrive at least two hours ahead of your ceremony time to allow adequate time for travel, collecting your gown, photographs and lining up. Please see the On the day Graduation booklet for more information. 

    Graduands and guests should come prepared for the weather as there will be walking between venues and outside queueing.

  • Guest ticket and gown collection

    When you arrive, you will need to make your way to the Fratry to collect your guest tickets and gown (if hired through Ede & Ravenscroft). Due to space, your guests will not be able to go with you into the Fratry.

  • Photographs

    If you are having professional photographs taken, you will need to visit the Crown & Mitre Hotel. Allow yourself plenty of time to be back at the Fratry one hour before the ceremony.

    Please note that the Photography Sales Desk is in the Supper Room which only accessible by stairs, so if you think this could present problems for you or your guests please read the guidance notes about making alternative arrangements.

    For more information please go to Photography.


  • Lining up

    You must be at the Fratry one hour before your ceremony is due to start. You will be lined-up ready to process through Carlisle's historic quarter and then be seated in the correct place in the Cathedral.

    You will be guided by the graduand marshals during this process and we ask that you listen carefully to instructions so that you don't appear on the platform at the wrong point.

    You will be given a card with your name on it - please keep this safe and readily available so that you can hand it to the Presenting Officer before being presented so that they can announce your name.


  • Guest seating

    Your guests will need to be seated before you, so please ensure that they have their guest tickets before you leave them.

    Seats are not allocated and guests can sit in any seat in the venue that isn't reserved. Due to fire regulations we ask that all guests occupy a seat. 

    Due to the nature of the main venue, guests should expect restricted viewing. To compensate for this, television screens are in place so that guests are able to see as much of the ceremony as possible.

    Guests will be asked to queue outside the venues prior to access times and may wish to have an umbrella to hand should the weather be inclement.

    Children aged 2 years and over must have their own seat and, therefore, be included in your guest allocation. This is due to fire regulations which require all graduands and guests to be seated for the ceremony.

    The ceremony is a formal event and, as such, is not recommended for young children who can become unsettled. Out of respect for other guests, we request that if you do bring small children, you sit at the end of an aisle, near an exit, and take them outside if they become unsettled. Children will not be able to sit with the graduands. You must ensure that you have made suitable supervision arrangements.


  • Graduand procession through Carlisle's historic quarter

    Approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony you will be led in procession through the historic quarter to the Cathedral, where you will be shown to your seat. 

    The procession is approximately a ten minute walk. If you are a wheelchair user or have any particular needs please contact us so that we can discuss arrangements. 


  • The ceremony

    The ceremony lasts approximately an hour and begins with a procession of civic dignitaries and academic staff followed by the Presiding Officer's address. 

    Then comes the presentation of the graduands - your big moment! 

    You will be directed to the stage area via a small set of steps. Aside from your name card or any mobility aids, you must not be carrying any other items at this point and will be asked to leave any personal items on your seat should this be the case.

    You will hand your name card to the Presenting Officer who will read out your name. You will then walk onto the presentation area, shake hands with the Presiding Officer and have your photograph taken. [You will not be presented with your award certificate as this will be sent to you by post.] Finally, you'll exit the presentation area and walk down the north side of the Cathedral and back to your seat. 

    At the end of the ceremony you will file out in pairs down the central aisle, behind the academic procession, to exit the Cathedral and then process to the Crown & Mitre Hotel for your celebratory reception and to meet your guests.

    You will be guided by marshals through all of this.

  • Celebratory reception

    All guest tickets include access to the celebratory reception at the Crown & Mitre Hotel immediately following each ceremony, where light refreshments will be available. Graduates will be handed a ticket after they have crossed the stage area during the ceremony.

  • Gown return

    You should return your gown to the Drawing Room at the Crown & Mitre Hotel shortly after the ceremony, unless you are having photographs taken at this point.

    We advise that you try to have your photographs taken before your ceremony, shortly after collecting your gown.

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