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Graduation as a public event

The University of Cumbria graduation ceremonies are considered to be public events. This means that the names and award titles, but not classifications, of all graduands (including those graduating in absentia) are published in the graduation programme, which is available to anyone attending the ceremony. In addition, the names of graduands may be provided to external companies for use on graduation products such as a graduation t-shirts and hoodies.

Gown hire

The University will disclose the information below to the official supplier of University of Cumbria academic dress, Ede and Ravenscroft, to enable you to hire/purchase academic dress for your graduation ceremony:

Student ID; First name; Surname; Award/Intended award.


There may also be a university photographer present at the event and, by attending, you give us permission to use any general crowd shots you appear in for university-printed publications and our website. We will not use individual or small group shots of you without asking for your consent first.


Footage of the ceremony, including crowd and individual shots, will be taken at the ceremony. The ceremony will be broadcast to a live video link room where guests of graduands can watch the ceremony. The ceremonies will also be live streamed via the university website and will be available on the university's YouTube channel after the event. In addition, this footage may be used on the university’s website and other promotional material. By attending the event, graduands and guests consent to be party to these practices.

The Press

Local press may be in attendance at the ceremonies and may take photographs and video footage. They will not use individual or small group shots of you without asking for your consent first. They may also print the names of graduates (including those graduating in absentia) and award titles, but not classifications, in commemorative local newspaper articles and supplements.

If you do object to your personal data being used as described above please inform the Ceremonies Office, via email, before

  • 17th June for July 2024 ceremonies


We are usually only able to discuss student-related matters directly with the student and are not at liberty to divulge information or take instruction from a third party, even if that person is a family member.

Additional requirements (eg health, mobility)

In order to make appropriate arrangements, we need to know if you or your guests have any Additional requirements (eg health, mobility or dietary). This information will be held securely and only shared with those staff and external service providers involved in the running of the ceremony.

For more information about the Data Protection Act, see the university’s Data Protection webpages.

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