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Registration - New Students

Registration is the process through which you are formally confirmed as a student at the university.  

All students are required to complete online pre-registration and, for most students, attend a registration session on campus. 

If you are required to attend a registration session in person you will be notified about registration arrangements in advance of your course start date.  

You must complete all elements of registration required for your course.

The University provides an online Photograph Resizing Service to create a passport-size photograph for your Cumbria Card.

Full details of Online Pre-registration and Registration sessions are available here: Registration

IT Help is at Hand leaflet (Wifi, printing, free software and apps)

Registration - Continuing Students

All continuing students are required to register on an annual basis prior to the start of the next academic year. This ensures that we hold your correct details and maintain accurate data for statutory reporting purposes.

Please visit Registration for Continuing Students to complete this process.

Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I complete online registration?

    Online registration is the process you complete when our Admissions Department sends you an email about three weeks before the start date of your course.

    The advice below may help you to register online.

    1. Have you received the email from our Admissions Department?

    The Admissions Department sends the email to a personal email address that you provided when you confirmed you were accepting the place on the course.

    Check your personal email account for this. It gives you a link, a username and a password.

    2. Did you complete the online registration form?

    To get help on completing the form, go to the Welcome information covering registration.

    3. Still having problems registering?

    If for some reason you can't complete the online pre-registration, you can complete it on Registration Day. Bring a copy of the email from our Admissions Department with you.

  • Why didn't I get the registration email?

    When you accepted the place on your course, you provided the Admissions Department with a personal email address.

    This is the address that Admissions have used to send you information on how to register.

    Check your personal email account for the information. It gives you a link, a username and a password.

    Also check your Junk, Spam and Deleted emails folders.

    If you have not received an email inviting you to complete online pre-registration within one week of your start date or if you are experiencing difficulties with online pre-registration please email registration support.

  • How do I activate my IT account?

    Before you start

    1. You must have successfully completed the online registration process.
    2. You need access to the internet.  

    How to activate my IT account

    Are you about to use a university computer on a university site?

    Yes: Hold down Control + Alt and then press Delete to bring up the log on box . Continue to step 2 

    No: Open a web browser on a computer. Continue to step 3.

    2 When you open a university computer’s web browser, a box appears asking for a username and password. Enter newstudent as the username and Welcome1 as the password. Select OK and the browser will open.
    3 The browser will start automatically, or in the web browser, type
    4 If a Security Alert box appears, just select OK. An Activate your account screen appears and asks you to read and agree to the university's terms and conditions of using the IT network - you can not progress unless you agree.
    5 You will then be asked if you are a student or a member of staff?
    On the next screen, in the Student Number field, type your student number. Just type the number up to the first slash (/). Don’t include /1 or /2 in the number.
    In the Date of Birth fields, enter your date of birth in the format shown.
    Select a memorable question and enter the answer in the box shown. 
    Select Submit.
    You will then be asked to enter a passsword of your choice.  Please read the text about how your password should be formatted.
    The final screen displays your username and your email address, please record these somewhere safe so you don't forget them.
    9 You can log on using your student number and password. 

    Your university username and password will:

    • Allow you to logon to any of the university computers
    • Give you access to your own file storage area
    • Give you access to your own printing account
    • Provide you with a university email address
    • Give you access to all of the online resources provided by the university including the university's Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard) and your personal learning space (PebblePad). 

    Note: When writing down the password please be careful as this is case sensitive. Once you have done this close your browser.

    Further details about usernames, passwords and your first login are available from Passwords and Logins.

    You can now go to the Student Hub where you can access Email, Blackboard, OneDrive and all other systems and services relating to your course.

  • How do I log in to university computers for the first time?

    See the First Log On sections on the Passwords and Logins page for detailed information.

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