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Welcome to the University of Cumbria.

The content on this page is designed to help you to complete your registration and IT account activation. Once your account is activated, please return to the New Students page to see the Welcome Portfolio for your level of study.

Your Account

You must complete both parts of the Registration/Activation processes in order to enable access to the university systems i.e. Blackboard, Student Hub, Student Email, etc.

it_activate_1, Online Registration 

Register fully on ICON (the University's Student Records System).

You will be send an online pre-registration email containing a link which will direct you to ICON to complete your online pre-registration.

You won't be added to our IT systems and won't be able to do your account activation until you fully complete this registration process.

Top tip: have a digital photo of yourself to hand, so you can upload it into your registration, this is added to your student record and is used on your Cumbria Card (student ID card).

it_activate_2, Account Activation 

Your University of Cumbria username and password will give you access to Blackboard, UoC email and all of our electronic resources. Although it is the same username (student ID number) as ICON, you will need to choose and register a password to activate your account. This is completed by following the instructions on the Passwords and Logins page.

If you are completing the activation away from one of our campuses - follow the First Log On ➡ Off campus instructions on the Passwords and Logins page.

it_activate_3, MFA Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is the method that we use to verify your identity when accessing our services and systems when working on your own device(s). It is the same as when your banking app sends you a code before it will let you get into your account. You need to setup MFA for your university account - you will be prompted during account activation and instructions are available here Multi-Factor Authentication.
it_activate_support, Errors or problems  If you encounter any errors or problems, during the registration or activation steps, please contact the IT Servicedesk for support. Make sure you have your student number to hand as this will make it easier to identify you.
it_activate_cc, Cumbria Card

Your Cumbria Card is your University of Cumbria student ID. You can use this to withdraw books, if you visit one of our campuses, but also use it as evidence of your student status when visiting other libraries. If you uploaded a photo during your online registration, then a Cumbria Card will be produced for you and will be given to you when you arrive on campus. If you are not due to visit a campus, you can email, from your student email account, asking for this to be posted out to you.

If you did not upload a photo, you can email a jpeg format headshot to (from your student email account) and one will be produced and can be posted to your registered address if required.

Quick Guide to IT Services Help & Support 

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