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Important information and guidance

Eligibility to enrol on Head Start to Policing

This version of Head Start has been tailored towards students who are completing a Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship with one of the following institutions:

  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • University of Cumbria
  • Middlesex University
  • University of Portsmouth

If this does not describe your course of study, then please visit our main Head Start information page.

  • About Head Start to Policing

    Head Start to Policing supports the development of your academic skills and digital capabilities whilst helping to boost your confidence as you transition into academic study in a working environment.

    This course is broken down into 7 main units:

    • Transition to Apprenticeships - Welcome to Higher Education at university.
    • Off-the-job Training - What does and doesn't count towards Off-the-job Training.
    • Research - Finding and evaluating information (two learning units - Research and Not all information is equal).
    • Reflection and Experiential Learning - Learning to learn from your experiences.
    • Writing - Writing for higher education.
    • Referencing - Crediting original authors for the evidence you cite.
    • Your Digital Skills - Helping you to understand the basic digital skills that you will need to get started at university. A quiz-style assessment creates a report that includes links to tutorials that you should complete at your own pace.

    You are encouraged to practice each skill as you progress through the course.

    Finishing each unit will generate a digital badge and a complete set of badges will result in a Certificate of Completion for Head Start to Policing.

    By completing Head Start you will:

    • gain a better understanding of the processes and assessment of HLAs;
    • gain insight into learning at university, particularly key research, referencing, and writing skills;
    • understand the importance of digital skills to support and enhance learning, and identify areas for development;
    • find out about available services and resources to support you during and beyond your transition to university life and study.
  • Accessing the course

    Head Start to Policing has been setup as a self-enrol course, but you will require an Access Code to enable your enrolment.

    First visit / enrolment

    1. Visit Blackboard Open Education and create an account

    a. Click on the BLUE login button and scroll inside the login box to access Don't have an account? Create one now.

    b. Complete the relevant fields to create your account (please use either your student or police email address - accounts using personal email addresses may not be identifiable and may result in you being deleted from the course.

    2. Visit Head Start to Policing ( and ensure you are logged in

    a. Scroll down the page to click on the Head Start to Policing enrolment page link

    b. Enter the Access Code you have been issued by either your tutor(s) or police force

    You should now be in the course. Any problems with enrolment, please email

    Second / subsequent visits

    Simply login to Blackboard Open Education and Head Start to Policing will appear on the Home page (with a button that says "Go to course").

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