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  • Access the BIOSIS Citation Index
  • Brief description Biosis Citation Index is critical to life sciences research with its powerful citation indexing.
  • Resource type References and abstracts
  • Walk-in access Walk-in access not available

Full Details

BIOSIS Citation Index delivers the value of the entire Web of Science. Web of Science is today's premier research platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Its sophisticated indexing backbone eases the researcher's job, providing seamless access and powerful search capabilities across multiple databases.


On and Off-campus access is via your University of Cumbria login details - a pop-up box will ask you to enter your university email address and password.


Standard search and Advanced search options are available.
Standard search is used for simple keyword, author or journal title searches.
Advanced search should be used to search specific indexes such as organisms, super taxa, gene name, sequence data, CAS registry numbers and more.

Search Tips

Uses Boolean AND, OR, NOT 
* truncation - e.g.elephant*
 * wildcard  -  e.g. behavio*r  
To search for publications by a particular author, enter the author's surname followed by a comma, then the first name and/or initials e.g. Miller, P.