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Learning & Teaching

Learning from digital resources and services​

Teaching and supporting using digital resources and services​

Information, Data, & Media Literacy

Finding, evaluating and sharing academic & professional information​

Copyright and referencing​

Using data in spreadsheets and databases​

Legal, ethical, and security guidelines​

Receiving and responding to messages in graphical, video, animation, audio formats. ​

Creating, Innovating & Researching​

Creating new digital artefacts:  digital writing; imaging; audio  video, code, apps, interfaces, web pages.​

Using technology to develop new ideas & projects. ​

Enterprise & project management in digital settings​

Using digital evidence to solve problems and answer questions​

Digital research methods

Communicating & Networking

Communicating effectively and securely in forums, online audio/video, and social media​

Looking after personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance in digital settings.​

Joining, building, and growing digital networks. ​


Using devices, software and services​

Using tools to work productively and with attention to quality​

Developing & projecting positive identities​

Managing digital reputation​

Looking after personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance.​

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