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Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the fact that at present students are unable to come onto campus for formal examination activity the University has reviewed and amended this assessment activity.

Please view the specific details for your Institute below.

  • Institute of the Arts

    If you work in the Arts you are trained to find audiences for work and to draw inspiration from the world around us.

    Many of our creative assessment projects have been adapted in response to Covid-19 - how do you create online audiences for your work? How do solo performers or film makers collaborate over distance?

    We will be teaching and assessing all the skills that you need in your specialist area, but adapted to find global and remote audiences, using digital platforms and online presentations and submissions. Put simply, we have planned to ensure that you will learn everything you planned to learn, but in a different format for the world as it is right now.

    Your module tutors will be in touch to let you know about the adapted assessments and will be available to answer any questions you may have – full details are on Blackboard.

  • Institute of Business, Industry & Leadership

    Staff across the Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership have reviewed their methods of assessment and made changes, where appropriate, to allow you the opportunity to complete your remaining assessments. Clearly, formal examinations are not possible and consequently, all have been changed to an alternative.

    Some may have been changed to a piece of coursework; others have become open book activities with an element of time constraint still being maintained. e.g. 24 or 48 hours.

    Each of your module leaders will be communicating with you to give you clear guidance as to what is expected of you.

    Our primary aim is to give all students the opportunity to complete but clearly the University will be taking the current global situation into account and should you have any concerns regarding your ability to complete any of your assessments, please discuss this with your module or programme leader.

  • Institute of Education

    Students due to undertake resit or deferred examinations will be contacted by their module leader to confirm the nature and timing of alternative assessment to replace examinations.

    Should you have any concerns regarding your ability to complete any of your assessments, please discuss this with your module or programme leader in the first instance.

  • Institute of Health

    In the Institute of Health we have several types of examination. These can be formal sit-down written examinations, practical examinations and spoken examinations.

    During this time, we are unable to bring you onto the campus to carry out exams and so are moving to different formats that can be completed at a distance.

    This enables you to complete the assessment and demonstrate your learning for the module, and gain the academic credits. This in turn enables you to continue on with your programme with minimum disruption. In the unlikely event that an examination cannot be completed at a distance and no alternative format is available then we will make some amendments to your programme to enable you to complete the examination at a future date.

    Our general approach is to keep the format as similar to the original as possible but using a method that you can engage in from home. That might mean a spoken exam by Skype for example or an on-line Multiple Choice Exam. Where we change the format, for example to a written assignment, we will take into consideration the timescale and make any necessary amendments to hand-in dates.

    Please be assured that we are working to try to ensure you are able to succeed and achieve and we will communicate with you any changes in a timely manner.

    If you have any questions please contact the module leader; and ensure you are accessing support where needed.

  • Institute of Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with government guidelines, we have had to make some changes to when and how assessments are submitted.

    In line with this, it is no longer possible for us to deliver face-to-face examinations. Therefore, to ensure that you are not disadvantaged and able to complete your studies this year, the University has decided to replace face-to face examinations with Time Constrained Coursework.

    Please refer to module Blackboard sites for information about the work required.

  • If you have any further questions that cannot be answered by your module tutors or program leader - please contact the Assessments Team: 

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