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Examination Timetables

Current exams timetables:

Exam Timetable January 2020

Exam Timetable January 2020


If you cannot see an exam which you are expecting to take, on the timetable, please contact the Assessment Team

Examination Attendance

Attendance at examinations is compulsory and no alternative dates can be arranged. Students are responsible for presenting for examination in accordance with the published timetable. Failure to attend without good reason is counted as a sit and attracts the mark of zero (Academic Regulation F7.4).

All students who are registered for an examinable module will be contacted via their university and personal email accounts a minimum of 2 weeks before the date of the first exam. This email will contain details of the date, time and location of their examinations. If you do not receive your timetable please contact the Assessment Team

Students that have been assessed for additional exam arrangements will have their exam on the same day and time as displayed on the main time table. On your email you will be notified of any other arrangements that have been made for you. If this is not noted on your email you must contact assessments immediately.

For further information about examinations, please contact the Assessment Team.

Student Conduct in Examination Rooms

The Candidate Guide to Examinations is designed to help you to understand examinations at the University of Cumbria. Please take time to read it and the  guide prior to your examinations.

  • You must arrive at the exam room at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam.  
  • You are required to bring your Cumbria Card to your examinations as proof of identification
  • You must be silent from the time you enter the examination room until the time you leave. Please be aware that when you leave there may still be other students in adjoining rooms whose examinations may not have finished.
  • You are to follow all instructions given to you by your invigilators and the information on Student Conduct in Examinations

Reasonable Adjustments

Additional exam arrangements are made for students with disabilities or unforeseen medical circumstances, in line with the Equality Act 2010. A range of reasonable adjustments can be made in appropriate cases, e.g. separate rooms, computers, specialist software, large print papers, extra time and use of electronic devices.

Contact the Disability and SpLD Support Team to discuss your eligibility for additional exam arrangements at the very latest 8 weeks before your exam for appropriate arrangements to be made. If it is after this date please contact the Assessment Team.

Help and Advice with Exam Skills

Library & Academic Advisors can help you develop the skills and strategies needed for academic success at all levels. We are here to provide a safe and confidential environment where you can ask questions, seek clarifications and receive personal and impartial advice and guidance. For more information, see the Exam Preparation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the exam timetable be available?

    The exam periods are set well in advance and the provisional timetable will be published on the University website front page shortly after the University assessment boards and in good time before your next exams.

  • How will I receive my individual examination timetable?

    Exam timetables are available on this page.

    You will also be notified by email to both your university student email address and your designated personal email address in good time before your exams. 

  • One of my exams does not appear on my timetable, what should I do?

    Contact the Assessment team on as soon as possible giving as much information as you can about the missing module(s).

  • I don't know where my exam room is, do you have a map?

    If you are unsure of the location of any room, please ask staff at the Reception desk of your campus.

    Staff within your local Programme Administration office will also be able to advise you of room locations.

    Campus maps also have a location key which will help you identify the rooms your exams will take place in. 

  • What identification do I need to bring with me to the examination?

    You must bring your Cumbria card to your exam and place it on your desk for the invigilator to see.

    If you have lost this card you must bring either a passport or a photo driving licence.

  • What if I want to book a holiday / have a commitment during exams?

    You are required to make yourself available to sit your examinations for the entire published examination period.

    Holidays or other social commitments will not be accepted as a reason for missing an exam.  If you miss an exam without good reason, you will be recorded as absent for this exam and will be awarded a zero mark.

  • I have an exam next week but I have broken my arm and I can't write, what should I do?

    Contact our Student Support advisers:

    If you need to request special examination arrangements, Student Support staff will be able to provide assistance and advice for you in such circumstances.

  • I have an exam today but I am ill and cannot attend, what should I do?

    You need to follow the procedures for Extenuating Circumstances.

    The procedure and further information on Extenuating Circumstances are available on the website.

  • I am an international student, can I take my exams in my home country?

    First Attempt Exams

    All students taking an exam as a first attempt must take the exam at the University of Cumbria.

    Resit Exams

    Some students whose permanent home address is outside the UK may be permitted to take resit exams in their home country.

    Students on an exchange programme may be permitted to take resit exams at their home institution if there is a clash between the University of Cumbria’s exam periods and their home institution's teaching patterns.


    Please note that students who are permitted to take their resit exams abroad will have to pay a fee to the University of Cumbria for the arrangement of the exam and will also be responsible for paying for any fees levied by the hosting institution overseas.

    For more information, contact

  • When will I receive my exam results?

    You should receive provisional marks and feedback, for both examinations and coursework, within 20 working days (which excludes weekends, public holidays and periods of University closure only) of submission.

    Therefore, unless there is an issue with a mark you will receive your confirmed results once per year when you reach a progression point. For many students this will be in July before you are due to commence a new year/level of study.

    If you are a part-time student who does not reach a progression point on an annual basis your results will be released in July of each year.

    Postgraduate students do not have progression points as all study is usually at level 7. Unless there are any issues that need attention e.g. a fail mark where reassessment needs to offered or if a valid Extenuating Circumstances claim has been made etc. you will receive your confirmed marks annually in October or at your award point, whichever comes first.


    Confirmed results will be released, where applicable, on or before the results release dates shown on the University Assessment Board web page.


  • I would like to provide feedback on the exam process. Who should I send this to?

    The Assessment Team strives to provide you with the best possible exam experience. We greatly welcome any feedback or comments you might have.

    Any feedback relating to the exam venue, exam invigilation, exam timetable or general exam arrangements should be emailed to

    Anonymous feedback can also be sent via your Student Union representatives.

  • I have been unable to submit my assignment or attend my exam, what shall I do?

    The Extenuating Circumstances Procedure and what you need to do to apply for consideration of these is available through the Extenuating Circumstances section.

    For more information, contact

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