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An Academic Appeal is a request for reconsideration of a decision made by the University Assessment Board.

An appeal enables you (where there are valid grounds) to request that a decision about an assessment outcome is reconsidered.

All appeals will be dealt with confidentially, unless disclosure is necessary to progress the appeal.

In accordance with the GDPR 2018 the information you provide for an academic appeal will be treated as confidential and will only be disclosed:

i) in order to progress an appeal or to comply with university procedures. For further information, please see the Academic Procedures and Processes within the Academic Regulations.

ii) if information you have provided gives reasonable belief that there is a concern regarding the safety of the individual or others

Further information about the GDPR 2018  is available here. On this page you will also find details of University of Cumbria and UCSU data sharing agreement.

An appeal can be made by any student who is enrolled at a course of study at the University of Cumbria or by recent graduates if within the stipulated timescale.

When can I appeal?

How do I submit an appeal?

Can I attend my course if I am appealing?

How is an appeal different to a complaint?

Where can I get support with submitting an appeal?

What constitutes 'documentary evidence'?

What happens if I don't fill in the form in full or don't provide documentary evidence?

Where can I find out further information on appeals? - Click here to see Appendix 5 of the Academic Regulations which relates to the Academic Appeals process.