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Your online student record can be found on ICON (Information for Cumbria ONline), it is a tool by which you can view and amend your student record online 24 hours a day.

If you're a new or continuing student and have been directed here to complete your online registration for 2015/6, use the link below and follow the instructions provided:

Register online

For more information about registration, please read through the information provided below.

Any information you provide for either pre-registration or registration is held in accordance with Data Protection regulations.

Pre-registration - New Students

What is registration

Registration is the process through which you are formally registered at the University.

Online pre-registration
All students are required to complete online pre-registration.

Formal registration session
In addition to online pre-registration the following are required to attend a formal registration session:

  • All full-time students
  • Part-time students who are in receipt of funding from an external body, such as the Student Loans Company (SLC)
  • International students on UK Home Office Tier 4 visas 

If you need to attend a formal registration session you will be sent details of this by email.  

What you need to do before you start on course

We will send you an email asking you to pre-register and providing you with a link to a website, a username and password. You will receive this email three weeks before the start of your course.

It is important that you complete online pre-registration as soon as you are able to. This enables us to resolve any outstanding issues with your application sooner.

Once you have completed pre-registration you will receive an email to ask you to log-in to activate all your IT accounts including access to email, learning resources and virtual learning environment. Again, please do this as soon as you are able.

Online Registration ProcessPhoto upload

The online registration process includes a photo upload option which will enable us to create your Cumbria Card in advance of your first day. To ensure you have a suitable photo available for this process, read our quick guide for uploading photos You can also watch our video guide to uploading photos by clicking on the image opposite.


What you need to bring to your registration session

Please bring photo-identification, which includes your date of birth, with you to your registration. Acceptable types of personal photo-identification are:

  • a valid passport
  • a valid photocard driving licence
  • a valid photocard NUS card
  • a valid proof of age ID card

If you don’t have any of the above we need to see 2 of the following:

  • National Insurance card.
  • utilities bill (from the last three months).
  • birth certificate.
  • information relating to any finance applications you have made and your bank/credit card details.

You will also need to bring the page you printed when you completed online pre-registration.

What happens at a registration session

When you arrive you will be given full instructions as to what happens at each stage and which you will need to attend. The following stages are included in the event:

  • Confirmation of registration and proof of ID
  • Outstanding admissions clearances
  • Student finance
  • Accommodation
  • Cumbria Card collection and activation
  • Students’ Union introduction
  • Sports Centre, Student Support teams and Chaplaincy

All the details for Welcome Week and your course timetable are available.

If you are fully registered

When you are fully registered the University will be able to confirm your attendance to your funding body. For Student Loan Company (SLC) funded students, it would normally then take 4-5 working days before the money is released and available from your account.

Some courses also receive a bursary. Details of this will be made available to you individually if this applies to your course.

You will also receive an electronic ‘Confirmation of Attendance’ certificate, all students irrespective of their mode of attendance at the University receive this once they are fully registered.

If you are registered on a course which meets the eligibility criteria for Council Tax exemption you will also be sent an electronic Council Tax Exemption Certificate to your email address. This document should be sent or taken to the local Council Tax Office, with your Council Tax bill if you have received one. Your Council Tax Exemption form covers the duration of your course and is transferable between addresses. More info.

If you are provisionally registered

This means that you have some of your admissions requirements still outstanding. We will not be able to confirm your registration to your funding body and you will not receive your funding from SLC, your Confirmation of Registration or your Council Tax Exemption Certificate, if eligible, until you are fully registered.

Contact staff from the Admissions Office in regard to any queries over your provisional registration status.

If you are unable to attend your registration session

If for some reason you are unable to register at your scheduled session please contact us via

Where to go for help after registration

If you have a query about your course or your academic study, your Programme Administration Office (PAd) is the best place to go for help.

Further links can be found through the Student Services page

Pre-registration - International Students

International Students will be asked to pre-register or register (for continuing students) in the same way as UK students. 

Those studying on a UK Home Office Tier 4 visa or from certain countries will be asked to provide passport and visa information. 

You will be contacted individually if we need you to provide passport and visa details as part of the registration process as you will need to bring these documents with you.

Registration - Continuing Students

All continuing students will be required to register on an annual basis prior to the start of the next academic year. This ensures that we hold your correct details and maintain accurate data for statutory reporting purposes.

You will be sent an email to your University email account, as well as your chosen personal email account, asking you to register over the summer. You will then register through the ICON: your online student record.

If you do not complete online registration before your return there will be delays to your funding, for example your student loan and bursary, and you will not be able to access IT accounts and learning resources such as Blackboard and Pebblepad. 

If you have an outstanding balance on your account you will not be able to complete registration until your financial issue is resolved. However, if you are in reassessment, you will be able to register on a provisional basis until this has been resolved. You must, however, still complete on-line registration to enable you to continue on course.

If you are a full-time student you will be able to view your modules for next year following completion of online registration. If you are on a course where you can choose your modules or have elective elements you will be asked to select your modules for your next year of study as part of the registration process. Information on the module options, their combinations and any pre-requisites you would have been required to study the previous year and the total amount of credit you are required to choose is provided as part of this process.

Once all elements of registration are complete all students will receive a Confirmation of Registration letter via email.