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lil xmas_intro_image, 25 Days - 25 Courses - #UPSKILLWITHLIL

For the 25 days of Advent 2020, we are recommending a short course for you to complete in Linkedin Learning.

What we want

All we are asking is that you dedicate 30 minutes or less (OK we cheated - a couple of days are slightly more than 30 mins) to either learning a new skill or improving on an existing skill. No pressure from us, we just know that you will benefit from this.

What you get

You get a whole new set of skills. You get to improve some existing skills. You get 25 Certificates of Completion to prove you have studied and gained (or improved) these skills. You get to put everything else to one side and take some time for your own personal development.

The 25 days of Linkedin Learning Advent 2020

Day 1: Microsoft Teams quick tips

Day 2: Improving your thinking

Day 3: Writing a covering letter

Day 4: PowerPoint quick tips

Day 5: Creating your personal brand

Day 6: Embracing unexpected change

Day 7: Unconscious Bias

Day 8: Making quick decisions

Day 9: Excel quick tips

Day 10: Managind stress and building resilience whilst job hunting

Day 11: Improving your listening skills

Day 12: OneNote quick tips

Day 13:  Overcoming your fear of public speaking

Day 14: Avoiding Burnout

Day 15: Word quick tips

Day 16: Innovating out of crisis

Day 17: Interpersonal communication

Day 18: Solving business problems

Day 19: Creating accessible documents in Microsoft Office

Day 20: Managing your anxiety while presenting

Day 21: Excel: filtering data for beginners

Day 22: Building self-confidence

Day 23:  Being an effective team member

Day 24: PowerPoint: animating text and objects for beginners

Day 25: Building Resilience

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