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All students are required to complete online pre-registration before starting their course.

Online pre-registration allows us to prepare for your arrival, including setting up your university email and resolving any outstanding issues with your application, so it's important to complete this process as soon as possible. Emails with a link to online pre-registration are sent out four weeks before the start of programme.

We can also have your student identification card created in advance - all you have to do is upload your photo.

If you experience any problems with online registration or need any help or advice, please contact


  • You do not need to complete this task in one go, the system will remember at which stage you left the process and the next time you log back in you will resume where you left off.
  • You will be asked for your term-time address which you may not know at this stage. Don’t worry, you can let us know this later.
  • Remember to complete all of the mandatory fields, these are yellow and marked with an asterisk.
  • There is also the opportunity to declare a disability/spld during this process, and to consent to share this information with your academic team. Once completed, you will be automatically contacted by our disability team.
  • Online pre-registration includes a photo upload facility, enabling us to create and activate your Cumbria Card before you arrive, saving you time at registration and providing you with immediate access to the benefits of your Cumbria Card. Please read our guide to uploading photos.
  • If you have any outstanding admissions requirements after attending a registration event, our admissions office will email you to let you know what you need to provide before you can be fully registered.

Please complete the online pre-registration process as soon as possible after receiving the email from us and remember if you upload your photo you will be able to access the benefits of the Cumbria Card immediately after start on programme.


During the online registration process you will be asked to upload a passport style photograph. This photograph will be used on your university identity card, your 'Cumbria Card'.

If you already have a Cumbria card you do not need to upload a photograph unless you’d like a more recent photograph on your card. This step is NOT mandatory but it is advisable. The facility to upload a photograph will temporarily close 3 days before registration in September.

The photograph must:

  • be passport standard
  • be in portrait orientation (ie, higher than it is wide).
  • be taken with your eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or tinted glasses and no hair across your eyes)
  • show your full head, without any head covering unless you wear one for religious beliefs or medical reasons
  • show you on your own
  • be in colour
  • be taken within the last 12 months
  • be clear and in sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and a plain light background

To enable your photograph to be processed and printed onto your card, the image file should ideally be less than 50kb in size and in JPG format. See our Photo Upload Guidance for more information about how your picture should be presented. A photograph not meeting the requirements may be rejected and you will have to submit a new image for your Cumbria Card to be produced after your Registration event.

University online image resizing service

Online Registration Photo Guidance

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