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Once you start university, you’ll want to concentrate on meeting people, getting to know your tutors and starting your study. Any incomplete paperwork, missing documents or lack of preparation may delay your registration and generally make your life more difficult than it needs to be. 

So, check out the list below for tasks you may need to consider before starting university.


Before making your move to the UK you need to ensure that you obtained the right visa and have sufficient funds to support your studies. Our admissions office and our student services team will be in touch with you to advise and support you through the admission processes and your induction to the university.

Immigration and visa requirements International Finance 

  • Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) clearance

    All students on education, healthcare, child, family and youth work courses are required to complete a DBS check before they are cleared to study.

    Please look at our DBS webpage for full information about the process including which students need to apply, ID documents required, the application process and FAQs.

    If you have any queries or have not received information about how to apply for DBS clearance, please contact the admissions team for your course:

  • Medical Clearance

    Occupational health services for the University of Cumbria are carried out by Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited. This means that the University of Cumbria will share your contact details with that provider and in return the provider will share information about your clearance status e.g. cleared or not cleared. 

    Where appropriate your healthcare details may be shared with your academic team. Data will be shared securely and will not be shared with any other organisation. 

    All students on healthcare, education, sports and youth work courses are required to pass a health clearance questionnaire and all healthcare applicants are required to take part in a health assessment interview. Click for more information and download the medical questionnaire form.

    Once you have submitted your occupational health declaration form there is no need to contact the occupational health service. Our admissions office will be informed of your clearance. If occupational health has any concerns they will contact you directly for further information.

    If the completion of a medical is a condition of your offer, you will be required to undertake a health assessment. This will be via an on-line platform provided by our appointed Occupational Health provider, Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited.

    Please read the medical clearance page in full to understand the process for your course

  • Qualifications checks

    As part of the application process we have sent to you a qualifications form. Please complete and return to us with evidence of your qualifications.

    Candidates with non-UK qualifications who have already had their qualifications checked at interview or an orientation day do not need to bring their certificates again. 

  • Arrange accommodation

    Carlisle and Lancaster are great places to live and study. Lively city centres combined with vibrant social scenes and both close to the Lakes, countryside and coast. Ambleside is in the heart of the Lake District National Park, the newly designated World Heritage Site.

    Living costs are relatively cheap compared to most of the UK so all are a good choice for that reason too. For all our accommodation information, please see our accommodation pages.

  • Apply for a student loan or tuition fee loan

    For a complete guide to student finance, visit our Finance section.

  • Open a bank account and consider your budget

    It is essential that you arrange a bank account before you start your course. All the high street banks offer student accounts and it is worth doing some research into the best offers. Do pay attention to any interest rate charges linked to your student bank account.

    It is important to think about how far your money will go. We appreciate that money can be a concern and we make it our priority to give you all the help we can. Visit our Money Matters section for advice and contacts.

  • Check whether your possessions will be covered by an insurance policy

    You are responsible for arranging insurance for your own personal possessions.  
    There are lots of insurers and insurance policies available and some specifically designed for students living in halls or private accommodation. 

    • Do check your current insurance status, you may be able to extend any home insurance policies you already have.
    • Do try the insurance comparison websites and from there call around suppliers and brokers to get the best value and best cover.
    • Also see NUS Online.

    The university does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, property brought on to university premises.

  • Make any childcare arrangements

    For students in Cumbria

    For details of local childcare provision please contact Cumbria County Council’s Children’s Information Service on 08457 125737.

    For students at Lancaster

    For details of local childcare provision please contact Lancashire County Council's childcare information services.

  • Make sure your vaccinations are up to date

    While you are a student it is important to stay fit and healthy, so: 

    • Make sure your vaccinations for MMR and meningitis are up-to-date. 
    • Meningitis is a life-threatening infectious disease and the student population is the second most at risk group. Find out more at the Meningitis Trust.
    • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) are three common childhood illness which can have serious complications. Find out more at NHS Online. 
    • If you suffer from a chronic condition, check with your GP about the need for a 'Flu or Pneumonia vaccination.
    • Influenza or 'Flu and Pneumonia are illnesses which can have serious consequences for those with existing healthcare conditions.

    If you are studying on a healthcare or education related course you will be expected to complete a health questionnaire and may be advised to get additional vaccinations.

    Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines

  • Student Transport and Travel

    Car parking

    If you have access to a vehicle whilst at University you should ensure you are familiar with the Traffic Regulations and Car Parking Policy.

    Applications for parking permits for University of Cumbria sites must now be made online.

    Get a parking permit

    Discounted bus travel

    University of Cumbria students can get discounted season tickets for bus travel in Carlisle and Lancaster. For more details of the offer for each city, see the Unirider section of the Stagecoach website. Scroll down to see details for Carlisle; note that for Lancaster the Stagecoach website still refers to the University of Cumbria as ‘St Martin’s College’. 

    Rail links

    Lancaster and Carlisle are major stations stops on the West Coast mainline as well as being connected to a range of local rail networks.

    Velocampus Cumbria

    With the support of Cycling England and Lancaster City Council, the university has put in place a range of initiatives to support and encourage cycling at the Lancaster campus, including a low cost cycle loan scheme for students. All university sites have cycle parking facilities. If you are unsure where they are, please ask at the site reception.

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