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Why do other people on my course get more money than me when we are on the same programme?

It may seem logical that people who share a course and University should have similar funding however it doesn’t really work that way. The only aspect of the funding package which is specific to the institution and course is the tuition fee loan, so everyone on the same course should have received the same fee loan – assuming they filled the application out correctly or are ineligible for some other reason.

Where funding varies from individual to individual is the maintenance (or living costs) area, which are made up of a slightly confusing mix of loans, grants, NHS bursaries and other forms of specific funding. Some of the extra funding is based on specific personal circumstances, such as having children or adult dependents, whilst others are derived from complex formulas involving household income, regional participation in Higher Education and so on.

It is important to note that the funding system attempts to try and vary the level of individual support through both loans and grants in direct proportion to that individual's financial circumstances; so those with higher levels of household income generally get less student funding from Student Finance England and vice versa.

The amount of funding that you receive is dependent upon your personal circumstances e.g. your household income, whether you have a partner or children etc. In broad terms you can check your funding against the guidelines that the funding bodies publish and if it looks as if you are in receipt of an incorrect amount then please contact your funding organisation (e.g. Student Finance England) to discuss or make an appointment with a Student Money Adviser for guidance.


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