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I am awaiting repayment of placement travel expenses, can I apply for an emergency loan?

Unfortunately this is incorrect.

The emergency loan currently available at the beginning of the year is specifically for those whose funding (tuition fee loan/maintenance grant and loan/NHS bursary) has been delayed, offering a bridging loan where evidence is supplied by the student that they have reached their overdraft limit.
Therefore where a student is awaiting both placement reimbursement and their state funding (whether through Student Finance England or NHS) we would be able to consider a loan, however if they are waiting for placement reimbursement only we are not able to award a loan.

Under normal circumstances where the placement cost will be reimbursed in approximately a month we would recommend that individuals use their student overdraft to bridge the period until the reimbursement is paid. We would also suggest that students on a placement-based course take into account the delay in reimbursement payments when making a termly budget.

We are able to consider full applications to the Hardship Fund after the 1st of November where individuals are in more general financial hardship, however this requires extensive evidence from the student (bank statements, rent agreements etc). If however you are in critical financial hardship before 1st November and have nowhere else to turn you should book an appointment to see a Student Money Adviser immediately.


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