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Mobile phones are for most people an absolute must-have, in fact it’s difficult to remember the days when you had no option but to wait until you got home to phone someone (or use a phone box) – let alone browse the internet on the bus! However like a lot of technology products companies ensure that a high turnover of new models with the latest gadgets and features means that there can be a lot of pressure to keep changing your phone, which in turn means high contract costs that rarely come down, if ever.

Managing on a limited budget whilst at University can be tricky and answering one simple question when your mobile phone contract comes up can save you a lot of money – do I really need to upgrade? It is suggested that any contract that charges more than £15 per month is too expensive, especially when you consider that high cost contracts that come with the latest phones will often inflate the monthly charge to pay off the value of the handset - and do so with a healthy surcharge. It has been calculated that it can cost up to 20% more to ‘buy’ a handset as part of a 24 month contract than to purchase it outright.  

The Money Saving Expert website has 30 tips on how to cut your mobile phone bill.