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Making your money go further

StudentsUsingWorkArea200x150, Students using work areas in the Learning Gateway at Fusehill street campusFor most of us the reality of studying at University is one of making a little bit of cash go a long way. If you’re lucky enough to be rolling in money then you can afford not to think hard about ordering that take away or having another night out, however for the vast majority of students it doesn’t take much in the way of impulse spending before that ‘quick dip into my overdraft’ becomes a full submersion.

Once you’ve crossed that line unless you’re working part-time to a level which can impact on your studies it can be hard to clear that overdraft debt, leaving many graduates with a financial hill to climb at a time when they’re looking for work and beginning to think about saving up for their first home.

Some simple money management skills and an awareness of spending habits can make all the difference, however unless you’ve been living independently before coming to University these may not be aptitudes you have had the chance to develop and at first glance it can look intimidating. However there are straight forward tips and tricks to help you get money- smart, technologies to take some of the maths out of cash handling and as long as you take control it is very possible to manage your finances and excel in the full range of opportunities that University has to offer.

Take a look at the Save the Student money cheatsheet here for 55 money saving hacks.

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