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There are a lot of resources and further advice available to help with budgeting and we’ve collected some of the more student-friendly offering here.

The Student Money Advice  team produces a simple Budget Planner sheet to help get you started, however to really ‘live’ a budget there are apps and programs that you can run for free on a smartphone, tablet or laptop to help you keep on top of your income and expenditure. 

To book an appointment please use our online referral form located here

Here are some we’ve found but a quick search on ITunes or Google Play using the search term ‘free UK budgeting app’ or on Google for ‘free UK budgeting software’ will get plenty of results for your consideration. Please note – software aids like the ones below will only help you if you use them properly, so if you don’t add information about the money you are spending they will inevitably give you a false indication of your current financial wellbeing.

  • BUDGT (Apple) This iPhone app costs £1.49 and helps keep track of expenses as well as providing a basic budget planning function which works on a monthly forecast.
  • Goodbudget (Apple/Android) Another free app which allows you to define ten expenditure categories and will then track your expenditure across these categories.
  • Toshl Finance (Apple/Android/Windows) Yet another free smartphone app that in this case packages budgets and expenditure tracking with lively graphics and visualisations.
  • MoneyHub (Apple/Android/Windows) The basic package is free to use and includes a budgeting feature and with an upgrade you can link this app to your bank account for real-time information about your current financial situation.

If you’d like to work with a budget through a computer there are obviously off the shelf household accounts packages you can buy from high street PC retailer as well as free to use offerings you can download to your home PC (just search Google for ‘budgeting freeware’).

If you are not sure where to begin we can recommend the following online tool from the Money Saving Expert website which not only includes a thorough budget planner but also a free to use Excel-based spreadsheet for you to use in tracking income and expenditure.

Click on the BudgetBrain image to get to grips with your budgeting or click the ‘Spreadsheet Version’ image under the More Budget Planners heading to get the Excel/Open Office spreadsheet if you’d prefer to manage the data yourself.

You can also visit the Money Advice Service for lots of information and tips about managing your money and living on a budget. Includes webchat and telephone support.

The University also has a Budget Planning hand-out which you can pick up by booking a personal finance review with one of the Money Advisers. This free and independent advisory session will introduce you to the basics of managing your budget and help you review your current income and expenditure positions. To book an appointment please see your nearest Money Adviser please use our online referral form located here.

The Legal Disclaimer: The University does not endorse or recommend any specific budgeting apps. You should check out what’s on offer yourself and decide which you think best suits your needs. Specifically look out for:

  1. That any connections to your bank information is secure (such if an app links to your bank accounts).
  2. That the company offering the app is legitimate, a good rule of thumb being that they’ve been around for a long time and large number of downloads and high user satisfaction ratings on official sites like the Apple App Store or GooglePlay.

That the neither the app or its parent company/developers share any of your personal information with third parties.