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What do I do if an ebook doesn't work?

With our main ebook collection, you should not experience any problems using the ebooks. Check the list below and if that doesn’t help contact the IT Helpdesk on 01228 888888.

Common problems with Dawsonera:

  • Check whether your password is working in Blackboard.  If not call the IT helpdesk 01228 888888.
  • Are you using IE9?  There are problems with this, use IE8 or Firefox instead.
  • Are you using a Mac?  If so use the Safari fix.
  • There is no button for download or read online.  This means we have used up our allocated usage and we need to buy more.  Please contact and let us know.
  • Is it an Ebsco book and someone else is already using the ebook?  If so you will need to try again later.