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I've been told that my essays don't flow, what can I do to change this?

If you’re having trouble making your essays flow, you need to use the strategy of signposting in your writing. Signposts are words and phrases which you can use to direct your reader through your essay. Some signposts can also be used to show the reader clearly which section of your work they are reading. Examples of signposts include:

(1) As we have seen (reminds your reader you’ve told them something related before)

(2) In short/to summarise (reminds your reader you’ve discussed this in detail earlier)

(3) Having considered X, we must now consider Y (shows your reader that you are moving on to your next argument; also clearly indicates that you have looked at different sides of the issue i.e. a critical/analytical approach)

(4) Firstly…secondly…thirdly (shows your reader where you will go with your discussion and in which order; also good for breaking down key themes and showing you’ve considered all aspects)

For more examples of signposts, see our Signposting page and/or follow this link:

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