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I've been told that my essay lacks structure, how can I address this?

All essays follow the basic structure of a clear introduction (5% of the word count), a main body (80% of the word count) and a conclusion (15% of the word count). Within each of these sections, you need to include specific information for your reader. In your introduction, you need to introduce the topic briefly and identify the key points that you will address in the main body of the essay. When presenting the key points, it is useful to list them in the order that you will discuss them in; using this technique shows the reader what to expect in the main body and gives a sense of structure to your piece of writing. In the main body of the essay, use paragraphs to separate your key ideas and group related paragraphs together. This will avoid your essay jumping around and make it flow. Try to make links between your paragraphs by using linking words and phrases. In your conclusion, you reiterate the main points or revisit the key themes that you have discussed earlier. A good conclusion should not contain any new material: all content should have already been discussed in detail in the main body of your essay.

Click on the following link for a diagram of essay structure.

If you would like a list of helpful linking words and phrases, please click this link

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