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There’s a range of support opportunities you could explore to seek the right kind of assistance that best suits you.

Every student is assigned a Personal Tutor who is normally within your academic department. They are excellently situated to provide advice, insight and support relating to the specifics of your course of study. You should be able to have at least two tutorials with your Personal Tutor per year and can contact them requesting a meeting. If you are unsure as to who your Personal Tutor is you can check by enquiring at the Programme Administration who have access to your student record, where the information is kept.

The Library provides a full range of academic skill and learning development opportunities. You can access some resources online and others through group and one-to-one support including planning and structuring assignments, presentation skills, referencing and study skills. These practical and informative sessions delivered by expert staff can help not only develop your abilities but also boost your confidence.



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