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How much guidance and feedback can I expect

You may email with queries about library resources, referencing, and academic skills development.

You may also request feedback on 500 words of a draft written assignment. 

You can request the 500 word feedback service up to 3 times in an academic year. 

Your feedback requests could be spaced out across the year or closer together, depending on your preferences and deadlines.  At busy times we may need to ask you to prioritise a particular piece of work.

For dissertation/longer project modules we can look at 2 sections, which will take up 2 of your 3 feedback allocations for the year.

When requesting feedback, please identify the 500 words section clearly.  Flag the areas of development you would like us to focus on, eg paragraphing, referencing, academic sources, structure, writing critically (etc).

To comply with academic regulations, library and academic advisors are unable to proofread or edit your work, or check through complete bibliographies or reference lists.  We will suggest tips and strategies to support your development, but we do not offer a proof reading service and feedback is for guidance only.  

In line with academic regulations, generally, library and academic advisors cannot look at the same assignment more than once.

We can help you to understand grading criteria and tutor assessment feedback but we cannot suggest what grade an assignment might be worth.  We do not mark assignments.  Tutors make final grade decisions.


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