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Can I include long quotations in my essay?

You can include long quotations in your writing, although this is not an encouraged practice for most assignments. Direct quotations longer than three lines need to be presented differently from shorter quotations. Longer quotations need to be presented in a separate paragraph without quotation marks and also indented from the left margin; for example:

Writing cannot be separated from other processes such as reflection, goal-setting, organisation and research. As your writing   skills develop and you become more aware of what is required, you can be more flexible and creative in your approach to writing (Cottrell, 2003, p. 143).

Rather than including direct quotes, you should consider re-writing the quotation entirely in your own words (paraphrasing). By paraphrasing you are showing your examiner that you have understood the literature you have read; this skill is not shown when you quote directly. Please remember that when you paraphrase, you still need to reference the idea you have presented because the idea is the author’s work and not your own.

Click on the link for some examples of paraphrasing.

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