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Learning Styles

Working with your learning style

It’s helpful to have an awareness of how you learn, as this helps you to become a more effective learner. First of all, find out about your learning style.

Follow this link for some quick advice from the University of Southampton:

Very few people are totally rooted in one particular style: the information below helps answer this commonly-asked question. 

Am I stuck with my learning style?

We all have characteristics from each learning style. Effective learners make full use of their natural preferences, while also building up on the less-dominant styles. Don’t feel that you are fixed into one style of learning. Try and think around the learning strategies which might be most appropriate for a particular task, or a particular stage in the learning process.

If you normally think of yourself as a visual learner, you will probably draw mind-maps and use coloured highlighters to help you analyse and memorise information. You may find it helpful to try a totally different approach, like reading some text while you walk around the room, or use an exercise bike (kinaesthetic), or read or sing it aloud (auditory).

(Adapted from a leaflet prepared by the Study Skills Team at the University of Southampton.)

The VARK website has plenty of information on identifying and using your learning style.

Assess your learning style here.

Another good place to explore learning styles in more detail:
Cottrell, S. (2008) The study skills handbook. 3rd ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Find copies in the university library at: 378.170281 Cot