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MiCumbria is a Blackboard module that provides students with all the essential information they need for a successful start at university. It contains information, guidance and online tutorials on a series of topics including Professional Checks, IT, Rules and Regulations, Health & safety, Study Skills and many more.

This module will remain available to you throughout the academic year and the announcement function will be used to alert you of new content, timely guidance and key events.

MiCumbria is divided into three main sections:

  • MiList

    MiList (Induction checklist September 2017) is the ‘what to do in your first few weeks’ induction checklist, providing students with a useful reference list to tick off in their initial first weeks at university.

    MiList should be used in conjunction with the main MiCumbria site, which includes information and resources for every item on the list.

    A paper copy of the list will also be given to new students during Welcome week as part of the University Essentials sessions.

  • MiSuccess

    MiSuccess contains information and guidance about how you can make the most of your experience at university, developing your personal and professional skills by joining a number of volunteering schemes and by completing Career Ahead, the university’s employability award.

  • MiLife

    MiLife is designed to support students’ university life by signposting them to useful information about part-time job opportunities, university and local events, and useful contacts.

  • How to access MiCumbria

    Access MiCumbria

    Before you can access MiCumbria - you must have already completed the online registration process. If you have not done this; please visit Usernames and Passwords first and complete this requirement.

    With an active university IT account; all students and staff can have full access to MiCumbria by following these simple instructions:

    1. Login to the Student Hub (
    2. Click on the Blackboard VLE button
    3. Click on the Skills@Cumbria tab in the top menu
    4. Select the MiCumbria button
    5. Follow the self-enrol instructions that are presented on the landing page
    6. Whenever you return to Blackboard - MiCumbria will be available in the list of My Courses on the My Institution page of Blackboard


    If you have not yet received a paper copy of MiList - a PDF of MiList is available here and on MiCumbria for you to begin working through each of the content sections.