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Peer Mentoring @ Cumbria

Peer Mentoring @ Cumbria aims to bring together students from different year groups and courses to form peer-to-peer mentoring relationships.

Whilst your time at University can provide a range of opportunities for personal and academic growth, it can also be demanding and challenging at times.

Our trained Peer Mentors are here to support you so that you can gain the most from your time at University.

Peer Mentors can offer support with various aspect of your student experience from making friends and settling in, to helping you understand the expectations of academic study and dealing with assessment worries.

Peer Mentors can:

  • Help you make friends and get involved in social activities
  • Offer support as you adjust and adapt to University life
  • Provide a non-judgmental listening ear
  • Help increase your confidence
  • Relieve anxieties surround assessments and exams
  • Signpost you to specialist support services
  • And much more. . .

There are three categories of mentoring, Learning, Life and Wellbeing. 


Learning Mentors (1 to 1)

Learning Mentors are trained to facilitate individual sessions that support your development of learning strategies and participation in collaborative discussions with your peers and tutors. Learning Mentoring focuses on encouraging independent learning and signposting students to specialist support areas.


Learning Mentors (Group)

Group Mentors are trained to facilitate group learning sessions that are course specific.

Specific information on group mentoring, including the courses that it is currently available, can be found here:



Life Mentors

Life Mentors are trained to help to ease your transition into University life. They can offer you an insight into the life at University, help you to make friends, access social activities and provide useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your University experience.

They are also able to signpost you to specialist support services across the University.



Wellbeing Mentors

Wellbeing Mentors are training to offer support on a 1-to-1 basis. They can help you to overcome low levels of motivation and morale, provide a non-judgmental ‘ear’ to those in need and offer advice on dealing with assessment worries. They are also able to signpost you to specialist support services across the University.



Request a Mentor

Peer Mentors are accessible to all students at Cumbria, no matter what your year of study or course you are on.

To request a mentor simply complete our online request form below.

If you have any further questions on accessing a Mentor, please contact us on


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