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copyrightlogo, Copyright logoIf you want to make a single copy of material from any newspaper for your own private study or research for a non-commercial purpose, this is possible under fair dealing.

The University subscribes to a licence from the Newspaper Licensing Agency which permits multiple copying of cuttings subject to certain restrictions. 

If you wish to make multiple copies of foreign newspapers or UK titles not covered by the NLA Licence, you must first obtain written permission from the newspaper concerned.

Newspaper Licensing Agency's Licence 

The licence permits the photocopying of limited portions from UK national and regional newspapers for educational purposes.

Cuttings must include the notice 'NLA licensed copy. No further copies may be made except under licence'.

The NLA Licence covers all the main UK national newspapers:

  • Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard
  • Express, Express on Sunday, Daily Star
  • Financial Times
  • Guardian, Observer
  • Independent, Independent on Sunday
  • Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People
  • Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph
  • Times, Sunday Times, Sun 
  • Times Educational Supplement
  • Times Higher Education Supplement
  • Times Literary Supplement
  • The Economist

Full list of titles covered by NLA 

A 'Cutting' is defined as:

  • an article, report, artistic work (including for the avoidance of doubt photographs), advertisement or other item in an NLA Newspaper, or on an NLA Newspaper Website, or
  • a copy of the whole or part (including the headline) of such an article, report, artistic work or other item

The licence enables you to:

  • upload and store copies of articles on a VLE or intranet
  • email copies to students and staff

The following restrictions apply:

  • Copying may only take place on the licensee’s premises within the UK.
  • Copying is only for members of the institution’s staff and its students
  • No alterations may be made to the size or layout of cuttings copied beyond hat is reasonably required for educational purposes.
  • Copies may not be made for external, promotional or marketing purposes.
  • The maximum number of copies which may be made of any one cutting from any one newspaper for either of these purposes is 250 unless prior consent has been obtained from the NLA.
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