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  • Which copyright licences does the University hold?

    The University holds a number of licences permitting staff to use copyright works subject to conditions. Staff are free to use the most permissive licence applicable for educational non commercial purposes.

    Other relevant licences include: Open Government Licence, Open Parliament Licence and Creative Commons Licences.

  • Copyright Licensing Agency

    The CLA HE licence grants permission for staff to re-use limited extracts of University owned or subscription copyright material for the use by students on a specific Unit of Study, by making the following.

    Paper Copies:

    • Multiple photocopies sourced from printed books, journals and magazines.
    • Printouts from Digital Material (such as ebooks, ejournals, and material from websites).

    Digital Copies (for access within a secure application, for example Blackboard)

    • Made by scanning from printed books, journals and magazines, and which may be stored, viewed and downloaded.
    • Sourced from Digital Material (such as e-books, e-journals, and material from websites), and which may be stored, viewed and downloaded.

    Scans can only be created by the Library Scanning Service and the use of born-digital material must be recorded by the Scanning Service

    The limits apply to the Unit of Study (the Module) and not the requestor.

    • Up to 10% or one chapter from a book, OR
    • One article of a journal issue, OR
    • One paper from a set of conference proceedings, OR
    • One report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings, OR
    • One poem, one short story or one play in an anthology so long as not more than ten pages long.

    Item being copied must not be included in the list of excluded works. Use the CLA Check Permissions Tool to check if the source material is excluded. Printed music (including the words); maps and sea/weather charts are excluded.

    If you have any questions or require additional help with any aspect of our Copyright Licenses, please contact in the first instance.

  • Educational Recordings Agency

    The license permits staff to record, for non-commercial educational purposes, television and radio broadcasts made by ERA Members. The licence authorises the electronic communication of licensed recordings within an educational institution.

    Please note: A 'broadcast' is defined as a transmission for simultaneous and lawful reception by members of the public, i.e. it is not encrypted or encoded and is for general reception, unlike pay-per-view services. The License therefore covers broadcasts by: BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel 5, Open University and Radio Independents Group.

    Information Services provide an Off Air Recording service.

  • Individual Electronic Resources

    The university library subscribes to multiple electronic resources. Use of each is governed by the product’s licence. Some licences permit copying of digital material for use within Blackboard. Contact to check the licence of a specific eresource.

  • Disability and Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

    If you have any additional learning needs and require an accessible copy of learning and teaching materials, please contact the Disability Team at

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