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If you need to obtain permission to reuse materials then this should be sought as soon as possible. You should seek written (this can be in an email) explicit permission.

Copyright owners can be difficult to trace and slow to respond to requests. You should be prepared to chase them up and try alternative methods of contacting copyright owners if necessary.

It is helpful if your initial request gives as much detail as possible regarding the reuse. You should include a description of how you wish to reuse the material and why it important for your course.

You should always maintain a complete record of any requests sent and responses until such time as the material is no longer required. If a copyright owner does not respond it is risky to assume that they will not object to your proposed reuse of their work.

Guidance on locating a copyright owner is available at the Intellectual Property Office’s website, or see the 'Obtaining permission to use copyright material' factsheet from the UK Copyright Service, or contact for advice.copyrightlogo, Copyright logo

Where one or more of the right holders is either unknown or cannot be found the copyright work is known as an orphan work. It may be possible to licence use of an orphan work.

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