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Invitations to the July graduation ceremonies will be sent by email, to your university email address and the personal email address held on your record, at the beginning of March.

If you believe you are eligible but have not received an invite, please get in touch with If we have not heard from you by the booking deadline, it will not be possible for you to attend the upcoming ceremony.

Booking deadline

If you wish to attend your ceremony, with or without guest graduation tickets, you must have registered your attendance by the following dates:

  •  Monday 15th April 2024

You must do this even if you have not received confirmation of your final results.

After this date the booking system will be closed and it will NOT be possible for you to attend. Due to the numbers involved through the graduation system it is not possible to process any late requests.

How to book

To book your place, log into ICON and click the ‘My Graduation’ link. Follow the on-screen instructions to check and update your details and request guest graduation tickets.

Please note, if there are any amendments required to the name you wish to appear on your award certificate or should you wish to check the title of your award, please contact the PAd at your campus of study.

You must let us know any amendments that need to be made, possibly in writing, by the booking deadline (see above).

Non attendance

If you do not attend your ceremony you will graduate “in absentia” and your name will appear in the graduation programme but will not be read out.

If you are not attending your ceremony please complete the online booking form on ICON or email the Ceremonies Team. Each student is permitted one deferral opportunity which must be requested no later than three weeks after your designated ceremony date. If you do wish to apply for a deferral, email the Ceremonies Team with an outline of the reasons for making the request.

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