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Access more from home

Members of staff at the University of Cumbria can now access the Remote Desktop Service.

What is the Remote Desktop Service?

Essentially this system would allow staff from the University of Cumbria to access a Windows Desktop environment with access to applications and data as if using a computer on campus. This can be accessed from almost any location in the world as long as there is internet access available.

How does this work?

The Remote Desktop Services is made up of two elements – RemoteApp and Remote Desktop.

RemoteApp are programs that are accessed remotely but appear as if they are running on your local computer. They will appear as shortcuts to the individual pieces of software.

Remote Desktop provides an environment wherein multiple distributed users can access a Windows desktop environment or application that is running on a centralised server or group of servers. Each user that is connected to the service will be provided with the desktop environment that is actually running on a server in the data centre. Once this desktop session has been established it is very much like using your own desktop session. Applications such as Agresso, POPs and Microsoft Outlook can be provided and utilised almost as if they were being run from your own computer.

As a result of Remote Desktop Services running applications on the university’s servers, and depending on your internet connection speed and stability, the applications on Remote Desktop Services may run more slowly than any applications that you have running on your computer.

How do I connect?

There are 3 ways to connect – via a web browser or via an application.

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