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Welcome to the subject page for Photography.

This page will help you to find information and resources for your studies, be it for written assignments or your creative practice. 

Research is an integral part of the creative process that enables you to find inspiration and develop your ideas. For an introduction to research for photography practice, have a look at this "An introduction to research for creative arts students" produced by University for the Creative Arts.

Resources for Photography include:

  • Textbooks
  • Photographer monographs
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Professional magazines
  • DVDs
  • Manuals for technical information
  • Academic journals
  • Online portfolios
  • Photographer blogs
  • Online galleries

Use OneSearch to find everything that the library has to offer including print books, electronic books, journals and more…

Take a look at the Using the library pages for more general information about using our services.

  • Journals and eresources

    This section introduces you to a variety of resources other than books that are available through the library. Here you will find information on key journal titles and how to locate relevant articles, as well as digital resources that may be helpful in your creative practice. Click on the links below to find out more

    Top journals

    These are just a select few titles from our journal and magazine collection. Search the Journals A-Z to see if we hold a particular title or check out the journals display at Brampton Road Library.

    Online Journal Collections

    Eresources are databases enable you to search for journal and magazine articles on a specific topic. While most are covered by a search in OneSearch, sometimes it might be easier to find relevant materials in these subject-specific resources. 

    ProQuest Arts Premium 

    This is a large database encompassing all aspects of the arts including art, design, architecture, humanities, film/screen studies, music, performing arts, and more. Key titles in both graphic design and illustration are all accessible as PDF. 

    More advanced researchers might want to make use of ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM) and the Design & Applied Arts Index (DAAI) which provide citation information of the contents of thousands of journals in design which can be found in our print journals archive or requested via inter-library loan. 

    For further information on using ProQuest Arts Premium, contact your Library and Adademic Advisor.


    JSTOR contains a lot of journals on art, culture and film etc so is useful for research for contextual studies. Full text articles from JSTOR appear in OneSearch results but there are many more articles on JSTOR that are normally not available as full text.

    Register and Read is a new service that allows you to save up to three articles would normally be abstract only.To use this service, you need to log on to JSTOR and create a personal account by clicking MyJSTOR. Registration is free.

    ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global 

    ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is the world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world with a very large number available as PDF full-text. The database covers all disciplines including a strong representation from the visual arts.


    Finding a journal article from a reference

    Sometimes your tutor might give you a reference or you may want to chase up an entry in a book's bibliography. If you have the details for a specific journal article, you can use the Journals A-Z to locate it quickly and easily. Search for the journal title and select the appropriate year and volume to find your article.

  • Image Resources & Archives

    The resources below feature a wealth of visual reference images, design and other non-text resources that can be valuable for your studio practice.

    Bridgeman Education

    Bridgeman Education is a copyright-cleared image database that includes images of works from the world’s major museums, galleries and private collections, from ancient history to the most recent exhibitions. The All Artists section allows you to locate images and works associated with specific artists or photographers which is especially helpful. 

    Vogue Archive

    This resource contains every issue of American Vogue published from 1892 to the present day. The 400,000 high quality images and are not only useful for magazine layouts, advertisments and changing trends, but also for contextual studies such as gender representation and visual culture.

    Visual Arts Data Service (VADS)

    VADS is a carefully curated online archive of art, design and photography. It comprises a wide variety of collections of images and text on all aspects of visual culture from design and illustration to photography and media. The archive can be searched by keyword or you can browse individual collections that pique your interest.



  • Images and Copyright

    Be very careful when using images in assignments and studio practice. Appropriation involves the reuse of images or works without making any changes to the original for creative or artmaking purposes. However, unauthorised or unattributed use of images of art works may mean you are in breach of copyright legislation which can have serious consequences. This video from LinkedIn Learning explains the difference between appropriation and copyright infringement.

    Check out this InfosmART tutorial, produced by Learning Resources at the Glasgow School of Art, to learn how to make sure you are using images responsibly and ethically.

    Photographs in particular can be a minefield in terms of attribution and copyright. The University of Leeds have produced this handy guide that explains some of the rules you need to abide by when using photographs in your work.


  • Websites and Online Resources

    A selection of useful, reputable and visually-rich websites have been collected together for you here. This collection will grow over time so check these sections regularly for new additions.

    Professional bodies and associations

    Association of Photographers

    News, portfolios and interviews from the prestigious association for photography professionals.

    Royal Photographic Society

    Much of the content on this website is free to non-members including exhibition previews and member portfolios

    Red Eye

    Collective of photographers based in the North West. The website features local events and exhibitions, opinion and portfolios.

    Magazines and publications

    British Journal of Photography

    This accompanying website for the British Journal of Photography is a fantastic resource for news and views in the world of British photography ranging from exhibitions to equipment reviews.


    From the publishers of 8 magazine, Foto8 gives you access to online galleries, photostories and interviews with photographers.


    A free online art photography magazine.


    This prestigious fine art magazine has very good coverage of photographers.


    Hotshoe describes itself as the UK's leading magazine of contemporary photography.


    Companion website to the key photgraphy journal.

    Lens Culture

    Portfolios and photo essays from street photography to alternative process and portraiture.

    Neutral Density Magazine

    Interviews, articles and galleries of leading and emerging photographers.

    Galleries and collections

    V&A Photography

    The Victoria & Albert Museum's online resource for Photography contains a wealth of photograph collections as well as information on techniques, photojournalism and the history of photography.

    Magnum Photos

    Online showcase of some of the best photography ever produced. View comprehensive portfolios of work from key names in the field. Check out the In Motion section for essays, discussions and interactive materials.

    International Centre of Photography

    Based in New York, the ICP provides access to archives, exhibitions and educational resources through its website.

    History and Theory

    Masters of Photography

    A very unassuming website that is a great place to begin research on prominent photographers. Photographer profiles include critical articles, biographies and links to other sources.

    Photographic History Research Centre

    This research centre at DeMontfort University is a hub of contextual and historical studies in photography. Here you can access papers and publications as well as conference proceedings.

    V&A Museum: Photography

    The photography pages of the Victoria and Albert Museum website are a rich resource for 19th and 20th Century photography.