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  • Brief description Access to Mintel market reports
  • Resource type Reports and conference proceedings


If required, login using your university email address and password.

Full Details

Mintel is a market intelligence company, providing detailed insights into consumer and business market sectors. The reports and analysis include market data, competitive intelligence and product intelligence. Mintel uses both industry and government sources plus data from their own consumer research which provides detailed consumer behaviour.

Important: please note that Mintel must only be used by students for non-commercial academic study associated with University of Cumbria modules.

Date Range

Content is regularly updated.


Over a 1000 reports plus continuous updating of news about product and business innovations etc. We subscribe to the UK reports but in addition can access up to date analyst insights from around the world.


Within reports you can download summaries, infographics, powerpoint presentations and use the databook to create excel graphs and charts

Search Tips

Click on ‘Schedule’, then UK, then on a sector to see what reports are available. Purple for current, yellow for future reports. Click on the left arrow to see previous years.

Click on ‘Category Overview’ to drill down by sector.

Use the search box to search for a particular keyword or company. Then refine your search using the options.

What’s New – choose ‘Analyst Insight’ to find up to date commentary.

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